How Medical Marijuana can help with Drug Addiction

Many people view drug addiction as an illness that requires medical treatment. Many people suffering from drug abuse see their lives coming to a stall. Medical cannabis legalization, however, has seen the use of medical cannabis to treat addiction with medical marijuana. How is this so? According to various medical studies,

New Cannabis Dryer Technology

Two of the biggest problems with current cannabis dehydrating technology have been the excessively high microbe and contaminant count, and the leaching of the all-important THC-A derivatives from the end product. Researchers have reported that one of the main reasons for microbes to remain at unacceptably high levels in dehydrated

A Series of Ventures with Nitin Khanna

In each generation there are individuals who are not satisfied with themselves or the status quo around them. Nitin Khanna is one of those individuals who grew up in a environment that encouraged personal growth and determination to face the future. He entered the entrepreneur industry at a young age

How CBD Can Help These 4 Types Of People With Proper Dosage

The debate on CBD has seemed to lessen with both sides agreeing that this chemical compound derived from marijuana has a myriad of benefits. The fact that this compound has no psychoactive properties or in other words does not get the user high makes it hard to debate for the opposition. This is then

Lowell Herb Co. Reaches Iconic Status as Leading Organic Weed Brand

lowell smokes

Cannabis enthusiasts have eagerly monitored the growing number of marijuana businesses cropping up across the country as recreational legalization spreads from state to state. The question of which company will catapult to the top position first has been answered. Despite the growing and changing trends of the highly competitive cannabis

Metro Vascular Centers Reveal Symptoms of Vascular Disease

Vascular disease can be a serious medical condition that can affect the blood vessels in the body. When the arteries and veins have an abnormal condition, it can lead to several different kinds of vascular diseases. A variety of common vascular diseases include peripheral artery disease (PAD), strokes, carotid artery

Toys: A Dropshipping Niche Entrepreneurs Will Love

Now is the time to start a dropshipping business, especially if you’ve always wanted to start one and want to bust into the toy niche. Christmas is looming, and most consumers indicate they spend an average of close to $1,000 each year on Christmas gifts. With a great idea and

Is CBD Really Good for You?

The use of plants and herbs as medicine has been practiced for thousands of years. The same is true with cannabis. Ancient doctors and healers have witnessed its medical benefits and have taken advantage of its healing properties. But due to its associated political and social controversies, the use of