Medical Marijuana Laws in Florida

 The Florida medical Marijuana Legislature Initiative (also known as Amendment 2) went into effect in January of 2017.
This law permits the use of medical marijuana for state residents who have been diagnosed by a licensed physician as having a debilitating medical illness. This law also gives designated

Medical Marijuana Laws in Delaware

Under Senate Bill #17 a patient in the state of Delaware can only be kept from prosecution for possession and use of marijuana if her or his physician has given him or her a written, notarized, certificate that said patient has a specific and debilitating medical prognosis that has been

Medical Marijuana Laws in Connecticut

The Connecticut State Legislature passed HB 5389 in 2012. The law made it possible for a qualifying patient to register with the Connecticut Dept of Consumer Protection for permission to use medical marijuana by obtaining a Certificate of Use. Those with such a certificate of palliative use were immune to prosecution

Medical Marijuana Laws in Colorado

Amended Ballot #20 became effective on June First, 2001. The amendment takes away all state-mandated criminal penalties for the possession, cultivation, or use of marijuana by medically certified patients who have documentation from a licensed physician that they are suffering from any debilitating illness or symptoms of an illness that

Medical Marijuana Laws in California

Ballot Proposition #215 was passed in the state of California in 1996. It takes away any criminal penalties for the cultivation, possession, and use of marijuana by medical patients who have either a written or an oral prescription from a physician licensed in California because the patient could benefit from said

Medical Marijuana Law in Arkansas

Arkansas' medical marijuana law was a constitutional amendment that went into effect in November of 2016. It made medical marijuana legal in the state of Arkansas and established an oversight system for the farming, packaging, and marketing of marijuana products within state boundaries. The Arkansas Department of Health has the final

Medical Marijuana Law in Alabama

The Proposition Ballot #203, called the "Arizona Medical Marijuana Act,"was approved in 2010. The new law permits qualifying patients to register for medical marijuana prescriptions from a nonprofit pharmacy for the sole purpose of personal possession to treat conditions linked to a debilitating medical condition. Said patients would need to obtain

Medical Marijuana Law in Alaska

Approved as Ballet Measure #8 in 1998 Took away state-wide criminal penalties for the possession, cultivation, and use of marijuana by medical patients with written permission from licensed physicians prescribing for pain and stress relief. Medically approved conditions include: glaucoma, cancer, AIDS or HIV, all debilitating and chronic illnesses and the treatment

How Weed Entrepreneurs Should Plan for Retirement

Marijuana entrepreneurs are usually so busy with their dreams and goals, not to mention the day-to-day details of nurturing a startup to full maturity, that they neglect to give adequate thought and planning to that day -- maybe far in the future -- when they retire. It’s a

CEOs of Tomorrow Encourages Kids to Think Big

Roxie Hentz founded CEOs of Tomorrow back in 2016, in honor of her own mother, Daisy, who successfully ran a dress shop while Roxie was growing up. In fact Roxie became something of an entrepreneur herself at the age of seven, sewing and selling stuffed animal pillows in