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Cannabis Consumption Lounge To Transform Detroit, Michigan Neighborhood

Hot Box Social has announced in a press release that they are the first Michigan licensed consumption lounge to open its doors. Similar claims have been made by other state businesses. Michigan has become the seventh U.S. state to permit consumption lounges. However, the regulations surrounding these businesses vary.

The consumption lounge will open in Detroit, Michigan’s Hazel Park neighborhood, between 9 Mile and 10 Mile roads. Troy-based Trucenta in Michigan owns Hot Box Social. They also operate the Breeze adult-use provisioning centre in Hazel Park.

Hot Box Social sells cannabis products, but they must be supplied by licensed provisioning centers (i.e. dispensary). The lounge has advisors available to assist guests with consumption. 

Hot Box Social is opening later this month to host private events. You can find the venue at 23610 John R Rd. in Main Street Hazel Park. Hot Box Social is aiming to provide a welcoming environment for special occasions and meetings, where people can enjoy cannabis in a supportive and safe setting. 

“It’s an exciting time,” Nowfal Akash, Trucenta Chief Information Officer, told Chronic News. “When it comes to marijuana, you can either take a wait-and-see approach or you can lead, and Trucenta and Hot Box Social are happy to be number one as the state’s first licensed consumption lounge. We’re beginning with private and ticketed events and will open to the general public later this Summer.”

Its lounge, which measures 3,000 sq. feet, can hold 200 persons for private indoor events. Later in the summer, the team will open a back patio measuring 5,000 feet.

“We are honored that Michigan has awarded us the state’s first license for a consumption lounge,” Akash said in a statement. “Our plan is to first use the space for corporate, social and special events. Come summer, we’ll start scheduling events so the public can experience Hot Box Social with consumption-friendly activities like social gatherings, educational opportunities, and arts-focused activities.” 

Michigan’s Marijuana Regulatory Agency began accepting applications for all adult-use licenses, including for consumption spaces, on November 1, 2019. A handful of other companies are also trying to achieve the same. After obtaining one of the initial licenses, the Liberty Ann Arbor cannabis provisioning centre in Ann Arbor set out to be the first Michigan consumption lounge. Ann Arbor plans to issue 28 licenses for this type of business model, according to one example. Detroit last year listed 35 licensed consumption establishment licenses. Vehicle City Social, another similar company is also available.

This lounge was two years in development. It features sliding doors which allow for quick ventilation of a smoking room. Detroit News reports.

“Our hope is that Hot Box Social will be used to bring a new experience for companies hosting brainstorming meetings, friends who are gathering for private parties, and one-of-a-kind fundraisers to raise money for nonprofit organizations,” Akash added.

Patrons will be able to receive a small amount at first, almost as a microdose. However, it will likely grow in size over time.

“The FDA has a certain recommendation about 5mg as an initial dose. We want to cut that in half and probably float around the 2-2.5mg range for a first-timer just to be safe,” Akash said, according to a WXYZ Detroit report.

Currently, the team behind Hot Box Social doesn’t know if they will be charging patrons for the space usage, but for now, they will be opening up a kitchen that will offer food.