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Doggface, Known for Viral TikTok Involving Cranberry Juice and Fleetwood Mac, Arrested for Pot

Back in October 2020, Fleetwood Mac hit “Dreams” rose to the number one spot on iTunes because of a viral TikTok video. Nathan Apodaca from Idaho Falls, Idaho (username420Doggface208), was cruising down the streets on his longboard while sipping Ocean Spray Cran-Raspberry juice and belting out Fleetwood Mac’s hit song. Apodaca’s rise to fame led to responses from Stevie NicksMick Fleetwood, Ocean Spray CEO Tom Hayes and Cheech and Cheong are some of the many. Needless to say, it was a vibe during the height of the pandemic, and since then he’s had a steady stream of TikTok videos. Apodaca made his acting debut in August 2022 as Uncle Charley on the Hulu series. Reservation Dogs. He was featured in a Klypso music video called “Low Rider (No Lighter)” with Snoop Dogg and War earlier this year. It begins with Doggface smoking alongside Cheech and Chong and then a police officer.

Apodaca was detained for possession of cannabis. It appears that there is some disagreement between Apodaca’s perspective and the law enforcement regarding the motives for Apodaca’s arrest.

Local Idaho police say he was pulled over for driving with an expired license plate. TMZ reported that the trooper smelled marijuana when he approached Apodaca’s vehicle. While Apodaca searched for his registration in his glove box, the police officer noticed edibles in Apodaca’s glove box, which prompted him to ask Apodaca to exit the truck.

Apodaca stated to the officer that he had cannabis products inside his truck. He also claimed three THC gummies and a dabbing instrument. He was arrested for possessing cannabis and drug paraphernalia. The officer booked him and released him the next day on a $600 bond.

TMZ reached Apodaca to discuss the incident. Apodaca shared that the situation was different from his. “During the arrest, the officers failed to read me my Miranda rights. Officers initially said that they only intended to issue a ticket after they discovered marijuana. They then found a gun and told me I was under arrest because I had a felony on my record and I wasn’t allowed to possess a firearm. However, I do not have a felony on my record, which I told the officers,” Apodaca told TMZ. “Despite me telling them this, I was taken into custody. After being held for hours, they released me on bond. [sic] a huge mistake. Then was told I was only being held on the weed charge and could bond out.”

Three ounces and less in Idaho is considered a misdemeanor. This can lead to up to one-year imprisonment for offenders, as well as a fine up to $1,000. Possession of greater than 3 ounces, but less than 1 pound is a felony. This could result in up to 5 years imprisonment and a maximum $10,000 fine. It is possible that cannabis laws in the future will be more lenient if legalization of medical cannabis occurs. Idaho’s advocates plan to make 2024 the year they push for legalization of medical cannabis. Idaho has been trying to legalize marijuana for medical purposes for nearly 10 years, without success. Kind Idaho has begun collecting signatures in order to be eligible for legalization by 2024. “We want the opportunity for Idaho residents to succeed on their own terms. And for many of those people on their own terms, the best solution is medical marijuana,” said Kind Idaho Treasurer Joe Evans.