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Farhan Zaidi and Larry Baer Discuss Giants’ Future After Phenomenal Season

The Giants were defeated by the Los Angeles Dodgers in a devastating loss after a memorable regular season with 107 wins. The end of San Francisco’s remarkable run was quickly followed by sadness on that cold October night in the bay.

“The cycle that I go through a lot is I have a lot of dreams that we’re still in the middle of the series and sometimes there’s a weird plot going on in my dream,” said Giants’ president Farhan Zaidi in a recent podcast episode. “This is true: Last night, I had a dream that our series with the Dodgers was still going on, but somehow I was at a motel pool party and Ryan Reynolds the actor was there. And I was trying to figure out, how do I get out of this party so I can go watch our games?” he added.

“I wound up waking up and I thought, ‘Well, I don’t have to worry about Ryan Reynolds anymore because the series is over.’ I have different variations of that dream,” Farhan said. “I think that’s a weird coping mechanism I have, so I can’t say I’m totally out of it.”

When you lose in devastating fashion to the cross-state rival, getting over things won’t come easy. Farhan also has to understand this. Giants CEO Larry BaerThe entire Giants team. But when seasons come to an end, you can’t look back and think about what could’ve been—it’s time to focus on the future.

As these vivid dreams keep floating around Farhan’s head, he knows he has some unfinished business ahead of him. Even though everyone was surprised by the Giants’ win in the National League West, and their record of excellence in baseball, the Giants expect greater things for 2022.

The following questions were asked of the future with the GiantsFarhan explained that the vision of both Farhan and Zaidi has always been one. When Zaidi first interviewed for his position in 2018, he mentioned how he didn’t have a three-year or five-year plan. “We’re just gonna keep trying to get better and better and better,” Farhan said. “Our plan has just kind of been a constant flow since Day 1 and I think that will continue.”

Zaidi discussed the importance of financial flexibility for the future. Giants may be able to attract top talent with the large payroll available this offseason. However, according to Farhan, I wouldn’t expect anything drastic. ”I would anticipate that this offseason for the most part will be more of the same from us — more of what we’ve done the last few years than some dramatic shift in strategy,” the Giants’ president adds.

Larry BaerGiants CEO, Jeremy Johnson, has expressed his reservations about any major changes being made to the team. According to the Giants’ CEO, there were many bright spots for the team last season. “There’s some data from where we were this year and there’s a lot of positives,” Larry adds. “We’re super excited for what this means for 2022 and beyond for the Giants.”

Change is inevitable, even though the Giants will be focusing on keeping their players wearing the Giants uniform. Change is inevitable. This means that there are some difficult decisions. Many of those tough decisions will involve deciding whether you want to send some important free agents packing or keep them. Alex Wood is one of those key players.

While this isn’t an easy decision to make, choosing new talent can also be a challenge. Zaidi says that most players in the league understand the Giants and the benefits of signing with the Giants. 

Although the Giants-Dodgers rivalry is over, there has been competition for next season. That’s because both ball clubs will be eyeing the leading free agents on the market. The list contains Max Scherzer (with Chris Taylor), Brandon Belt, Kris Bryant, and Chris Taylor. Although both have been successful in training and building great players, it wouldn’t hurt to sign either one.

“Free agency has really evolved even in my 17 years in the game,” Farhan said. “I think guys are more aware of going somewhere they feel like there’s an infrastructure and a support system that can help them thrive from a performance standpoint,” he adds.

This is the Giants’ recent track record and emergence as one of the league’s best, who wouldn’t want to join the team? San Francisco is a ball club that’s focused on success and focused on getting players to their full potential.

Farhan Zaidi, Larry Baer, the whole organization, and their incredible season have set themselves up for even more success in 2022.

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