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Glass Pipe Holiday Gift Guide

Glass artists and sellers have taken risks over the years to get their glass pipes on the market. You might be bombarded with the classic tongue-in-cheek line, “For Tobacco Use Only” if you enter a headshop, but restrictions are being relaxed or ignored for the most part in recent years.

Glass pipes grew in popularity for decades as smokers turned to pipe materials with less thermal conductivity to save fingers from burns—namely glass. Nowadays, glass pipes can be considered the best art. Many times, glass pipes can be sold as fine art. They will also be displayed in a gallery.

Generally speaking—here are the different types of glass pipes: chillums, spoons, Sherlocks, hammers, bubblers, water pipes (bongs) and steamrollers. For concentrates, you’ll find dab rigs, elbows, nails, diffusers, percs and so on. There are many options available for each category. One example is that some people prefer ice-pinching, while other prefer diffusion. Chronic News This holiday season, we break down all the important information about glass-smoking utensils.

GEAR Premium Photo®

GEAR Premium® Sidekick 12” Beaker Tube

The most popular GEAR Premium® water pipe just got a lot cooler (or maybe hotter?) because now it comes with a beautifully designed, patent pending built-in lighter holster, so you’ll always know where to find your fire!

This premium package also comes with a bunch of extras including a Sidekick T-Shirt, a GEAR Premium® Lighter, and more. Use promo code HIGHSIDEKICKReceive 10% off your next order See the full list of available GEAR Premium® products at

Price: $139

Photo courtesy of Red Eye Tek®

Red Eye Tek® 8.5” Aorta Concentrate Recycler

This meticulously designed contraption from Red Eye Tek® features a matrix perc for optimal filtration and beautiful curves reminiscent of your cardiovascular system.

Every piece of borosilicate is 100 percent and comes with a quartz banger in your choice of iridescent recycling colors. Use promo code HIGHTIMESReceive 10% off your next order See the full list of available Red Eye Tek® products at

Price: $141

Photograph courtesy of Famous Brandz

Rock Legends Jimi Rainbow Haze Sherlock Pipe Black

The pioneers of rock deserve your respect. Rock Legends’ Jimi Rainbow Haze bong—featuring a stunning psychedelic design—quickly sold out at Famous Brandz, but you can still get your hands on the Sherlock hammer-style pipe with a similar design. Jimi Rainbow Haze’s pipe is hand-blown from thick borosilicate. Measuring 6” /15.24cm in length, this pipe is perfect for sessions at home. Rainbow Haze has a large bowl which can hold a lot of herbs. A built-in screen prevents ash or debris from falling through while you smoke.

Price: $35.99

Photo Courtesy Badass Glass

Tentacle pipe by SWRV Glass

The Kraken is free! The Tentacle Pipe was created by SWRV Glass, and available from the online retailer Badass Glass, the “Number One Online Headshop.” Chronic News confirmed that the 5” pipe truly is badass. This pipe is available in several high-quality glass colors, with real suction cups. The mouth hole at the bottom of the spoon pipe makes this design ideal for use. It has a curled edge that makes it a unique piece of pipe. The suction cups provide good grip. This pipe is a great way to add a little wow factor, without spending soooo much.

Price: $31.15 (on sale)

Project for the Last Prisoner: Higher Standards Heavy-Duty Spoon Pipe

The Spoon Pipe, a heavy-duty pipe made in America from ultra-durable premiumborosilicate glasses is 100% American. Higher Standards joined forces with the Last Prisoner Project. A hundred percent of the net profits will be donated to support the non-profit. Last Prisoner Project is dedicated to helping those suffering from the criminalization of cannabis. Higher Standards x Last Prisoner Project are available both online and in-store. Sales will go towards legal intervention of inmates, public education and legislative advocacy that works to redress the past and continuing harms of the country’s unfair and prejudiciary approach to drug policy. 

Price: $60

Photo courtesy of TROG

Trog glass Laid back Beaker

The bong’s top is covered with Trog’s trippy lettering and character designs. Laid Back Beaker bong measures 30cm high. It has ice pinches and a 5mm thick glass. The Base features the Chop Chop Monster. The downstem measures 14mm and the cone piece pulls out at 14mm. Trog made a name for his self by creating psychedelic posters to promote cannabis events, including Hash Bash, Champs Tradeshow and Kush Cup. Also, Trog produces comic books, art collections, and merchandise that are cannabis-themed.

Price: $115 USD

Fat Buddha Glass, Photo

Rocket Bong

Are you ready to blast off into the stratosphere with a bong that you’ll never forget? Fat Buddha Glass says that this Rocket Bong will get you “sky high”—and with the included features, we believe it. With a height of 10″ the bong is rocket-shaped and guaranteed to spark a conversation. It comes with a 14mm female bowl and a diffused downstem, meaning it’s also functional as a bong. The high-quality borosilicate glasses are used to build it. This novelty bong sells out quickly, so act fast!

Price: $79.99

Photo by TAG

10″ Bent Neck Matrix Diffuser by Thick Ass Glass (TAG)

Skip all the hype and stick to what really lasts in the long run—Thick Ass Glass. You ought to check out TAG’s amazing selection of beakers and diffusers that boast amazingly thick glass. These diffusers are strong enough to survive a few drops without breaking, and the quality is evident in their weight. TAG’s 10” Bent Neck Matrix Diffuser measures 65x5mm (14mm Female). TAG Slime Logo or sandblasted are also options. There are many payment options.

Price: $119.99

GRAV photo®

GRAV® Small Wide Base Water Pipe in Amber

GRAV is available.®’s new amber-colored designs, which won’t show resin build-up. This water pipe is sturdy thanks to its distinctive disc-shaped bottom. At 8.5” x 5.5”, it sits relatively low compared to other water pipes. The large chamber allows for high-volume water and is a low profile piece. Its conical fissionperc allows for excellent filtration. This prevents water splashing in the tube. When you take a hit, you’ll notice its comfortable mouthpiece with a rounded edge, made on thick 32mm tubing. Exclusively at

Price: $134

Chameleon Glass Photo

Chameleon Glass offers Gandalf pipes

Smoke like you’re sitting on top of the Misty Mountains on Middle Earth, surrounded by Hobbits, orcs and elves. Chameleon Glass’ Gandalf pipes There are many colors available, such as pink, color change and light green. Also, check out the company’s other models “made by the Elder Elves” including the company’s Aragorn, Aragorn Ash Catcher, Stryder, Gandalf Woodie and Gandalf Ash Catcher.

Price: $46 – $53.99