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New Cannabis Dryer Technology

Two of the biggest problems with current cannabis dehydrating technology have been the excessively high microbe and contaminant count, and the leaching of the all-important THC-A derivatives from the end product. Researchers have reported that one of the main reasons for microbes to remain at unacceptably high levels in dehydrated cannabis plant is the actual amount of time needed to completely dry out the cannabis itself. Drying times typically have been more than two weeks, which allows bacteria, molds, and fungus of all types to thrive and multiply prior to their source of moisture drying up. These long drying times have also added to the consumer cost of cannabis products, as the energy output needed for twenty hours of drying large quantities of cannabis can be expensive. The contaminant issue is mostly due to trace elements of minerals such as zinc and iron in the organic matter, which begins to oxidize and leave a bitter residue when the drying time exceeds twelve hours. In the matter of active THC-A chemicals in the cannabis product, excessively long drying times allows these potent ingredients, which account for all of cannabis’ recreational appeal, to be diminished by about four or five percent. 

But all that is about to change. THC Therapeutics has announced that their new cannabis drying technology, called the dHydrator, has received patent approval from the United States Patent and Trademark Office — and not only that, but the twenty patents that have been granted cover every single part of the company’s technological blueprint, thus insuring that international copyright laws will protect the technology from being copy-catted by foreign countries, which often results in an adulterated product. 

Company CEO and founder Brandon Romenek says that the new technology involved in the dHydrator includes the patented SanitiZen procedure, which is what allows the cannabis product to be dried so cleanly and quickly.