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Portland Shop Openly Selling Psychedelic Mushrooms

Portland’s herbal shop sells psilocybin mushroom products, drawing long lines for those who want to buy psychedelic fungi such as Penis Envy, Knobby Tops and more. 

Oregon voters approved Measure 109 on November 20, 2020. It was a ballot proposal to allow the legalization of psilocybin therapeutic use by licensed therapists. The OHA is currently working on regulations that will govern production, distribution, and administration of medicinal psilocybin. 

Measure 110 was another ballot initiative that passed in the same year. It decriminalized small quantities of any drug, including psilocybin. However, it did not allow for production or sales of controlled substances. According to federal law, psilocybin remains a controlled Schedule I drug in violation of the Controlled Substances Act.

The OHA has not issued any licenses for psilocybin providers. However, Shroom House herbal products store in Portland appears to have begun selling the fungi. Last week, a local television news station reported that the shop’s owner had admitted to selling psilocybin mushrooms after a former employee contacted the outlet about the possibility of illegal sales and distribution occurring at the facility.

“I was led to believe by management at Shroom House that this was the first medically licensed and sanctioned place to buy psychedelics in the state of Oregon,” Kace Colwell told KOIN 6. “They’re breaking all sorts of laws over there.”

Prospective customers must apply

According to Shroom House’s report, in order to purchase psilocybin mushroom at Shroom House customers must provide two forms identification as well as fill out an application form to be a member. Willamette Week.The applicant must be 21 years of age and fill out a questionnaire about their anxiety, depression and other mental conditions. The weekly newspaper’s reporter was able within five minutes to buy psilocybin mushroom after submitting his application. 

“Please use the products purchased from the Society in a responsible manner,” the application notes. “While larger doses of psilocybin mushrooms are psychedelic and will definitely impair driving, microdoses should not affect your ability to drive or perform other tasks.”

Shroom House claims to offer a range of mushrooms including Penis Envy, Knobby Tops and Albino Golden Teacher. Willamette WeekIt was noted in the report. You can buy seven grams of psychoedelic fungi for $85-$955.

Erica Heartquist, OHA spokesperson confirmed that there have not been any licenses issued for psilocybin suppliers. Sam Chapman (executive director, Healing Advocacy Fund), a non-profit advocating for equitable implementations of Measure 109, stressed that it was important to follow the guidelines in the ballot measure.

“Retail sales of psilocybin are not legal under Oregon law. Nothing in Measure 109 or any other law allows the sale of psilocybin mushrooms today or in the future,” Chapman said in a statement quoted by Business Insider. “Many Oregonians stand to benefit from the healing properties of psilocybin, including those suffering from depression, anxiety and addiction, but the therapy must be delivered safely.”

However, the inability to get government approval does not stop potential customers from waiting in lines for as long as two hours to become members of the Shroom Society and start purchasing psilocybin. Customer Cassie Cadence said she waited in line for “like an hour.”

“But it’s worth it to me because I kind of feel like I’m kind of a part of history right now, which I think is really cool,” Cadence added. “Because I’ve been an advocate for mushrooms, psychedelics and that kind of freedom.”

Patron Randi King said he heard about Shroom House when a “friend of mine sent me an article.” 

“I told my wife, and she was like, ‘What are we waiting for? Let’s go get some,’” King said.