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Rather Than Smoking Marijuana, You Should be Vaping It. Here’s Why:

While I’ve been smoking pot for over a decade, vaping weed is fairly new to me. These days, a vaporizer is the only thing I use for a weed sesh. I wish I had been vaping from the beginning rather than smoking joints. In fairness, though, I didn’t know enough about the process of vaping weed to make such a change.

The advantages of vaporizing weed – as opposed to smoking it the old fashioned way – are well known. Smoking a joint is hardly a dangerous vice, but there are numerous reasons why you should stop smoking spliffs and instead make the transition to vapes as I did.

Health aspects aside, when vaping weed (rather than smoking it), the smell of burning cannabis is minimized, while the taste of each strain is more apparent. Most people won’t even know that you’re toking up when you vape, to boot. “Although,” according to Brass Knuckles “purchasing a decent vape can set you back a few bucks, the long-term investment you’re making for your health and bank account is worthwhile.”

If you reside in a state where marijuana is legalized, here are several reasons to make the change from smoking pot to vaporizing it instead:

  1. The Long-term Health Effects are Evident

Although most supporters of cannabis will argue that smoking weed doesn’t lead to lung cancer, smoking anything, in general, isn’t exactly the best thing for your body.

When weed is combusted, it creates tar and carcinogens, leading to lung irritation, and eventually, chronic bronchitis. Vapes were primarily developed to resolve this problem. When weed is heated at a reduced temperature, the vaporizer creates a vapor that can be inhaled. Vaporized weed has the same cannabinoids as smoked marijuana, minus the dangerous by-products that come with combustion.

Vaping weed can remove almost 95% of inhaled smoke. Further, vaping has been said to raise the yield of anti-inflammatory terpenoids that safeguards your lungs from irritation.

  1. So, Too, are the Short-Term Effects

I feel better overall after I made the switch from joints to vapes. Sometimes after smoking, I would find myself out of breath, which I attributed to anxiety or paranoia. Now I believe it was likely a more physical side effect, likely from holding smoke in my lungs when taking a drag.