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Vape Holiday Gift Guide | High Times

Vapes are quite possibly one of the best gifts you could give someone—but choosing just one is no easy task. There are many options available, from small, discreet, disposable vape pens to large, robust rigs. You have many choices in terms of how you use these vape pens. Vape pens can be equipped with many cartridges, including the freshest oils. Some vape pens can be used with dry herbs, so you’re in control of your flower choices.

Looking for the perfect vape to gift a friend or loved one? Check out our exclusive list of vape devices—one of them is sure to be a winner for your giftee, if not all of them!

Photo courtesy Arizer

XQ2 – Advanced | Elevated | Refined

New from Arizer: The XQ2 dry herb vaporizer was developed after 15+ years’ experience in product design. This multi-purpose convection heater provides an unparalleled aromatherapy and collection system as well as a bag/balloon system. You will enjoy new features such as a larger color screen and an upgraded OS. Discover why Arizer is superior in design.

Price: $239.99

Photograph courtesy of Jetty Extracts

Jetty SOLVENTLESS Papaya Bomb

Jetty Solventless Papaya Bomb Vape is the First-ever Chronic News exclusive. Crafted by Jetty, it’s a unique hybrid cross of THC Bomb x Papaya. The vape is infused with sweet and tropical flavors, along with a touch of spice. It brings cool, powerfully-mellow vibes. And because it’s Jetty SOLVENTLESS, this vape never touches a chemical, made simply using ice, water, heat and pressure. This vape is only available for a short time.

Price: $65

Delta Extrax Photo

Delta Extrax

Delta Extrax is the place to go for high-quality vape products. Delta Extrax stocks a variety of vape cartridges as well disposable devices made from hemp. You’ll find unique blends of hemp-compliant blends of Delta 9 THC, Delta 10, Delta 8, THC-O, THCV, THP and HHC. Delta Extrax adds exotic cannabinoids for a more enjoyable vaping experience. Only released: 2 gram disposable vape devices. This brand has added a gram to their disposable vape devices at an affordable price. The industry standard for THC is one gram.

Price: $29.99 – $58.99 (Use coupon code HIGHTIMES20 to get 20 percent off)

Photo by TOQi

TOQi 510 Dab Bundle

You can leave the torch, dabbing equipment and torch behind and use the TOQi510 Dab bundle to get you dabbing wherever you are. Already a favorite among budtenders (winning the Budtender’s Choice award for Best Vape Accessory), the TOQi 510 Wireless Vaporizer pairs with the TOQi 510 Dab Cartridge for smooth hits on the move. With an instantaneous heating tank design, you can quickly dab, shatter, wax, crumble and live resin as well as diamonds, sauce, wax, rosin and rosin on-the-go. The industry’s best powertrain powers the battery. It takes just 20 minutes to fully charge to 85 percent and can also be wirelessly charged on any Qi enabled device, such as a Samsung Galaxy Note10. The TOQi 510 stands out with its three temperature settings and sleek design. A game changer for concentrate fans.

Price:$77.90 bundle

Pinnacle Hemp, Photo Credit

Disposable D8

Pinnacle Hemp provides 15 different Terpene Profiles for Rift Delta8THC pens. They have something for everybody, which makes them one of best Delta 8 options.

Price: $29.99

Dreamt Photography

Dreamt 45-Night Sleep Pen

An uninterrupted, long night of sleeping is one of your best gifts in an age where anxiety, stress, and insomnia are all common signs of overworked, overstimulated lifestyles. Dreamt 45 Night Sleep Pen can help you address many sleep-related issues. THC and CBD combine to help you fall asleep faster. They also increase your time in deep sleep. Dreamt claims that their pen has been scientifically backed, and that it also contains valerian root, melatonin and terpenes, which can improve your sleep quality and decrease that fogging feeling.

Price: $40

Photo by Leune

Leune All in One Vaporizer (four flavours)

Leune’s All-in-One Vaporizers come in tiny, tin-sized packages. The pen is offered in the flavors of Desert Gold (a sativa-leaning hybrid), Sol Berry (a true hybrid), Cloud Berry (a true hybrid) and Piña Dream (a 3:1 THC: CBD), as well as a “Naked” version containing a seasonal hybrid that’s “as close to the flower as you can get.” Feel good while supporting a company whose mission is to brings awareness for social injustice and strives for positive change in the industry.

Price: $29

Photo courtesy of Zeus

Zeus Arc

The Zeus Arc will make you feel as powerful and ancient Greek God! You can also gift this light dry herb vaporizer to a loved one so they too will be able to enjoy their favorite flowers wherever they go. This vaporizer was made in Germany and packs a lot power into a small size. Zeus claims that it’s “the new gold standard in premium vaporizer technology,” offering up to 90 minutes of total battery life, with a unique heat sink, isolated airpath and three different temperature cycles that will give you a variety of options.

Price: $199.99

Image courtesy of Legion of Bloom

Legion of Bloom Monarch Vape Line

If you’re looking to gift a vape pen that comes in a variety of flavors, and also checks the charity box, then look no further than Legion of Bloom’s Monarch Vape Line. You can choose from sativa or indica flavors, and there are almost 40 available. This little gem features a ceramic heating element with a ceramic mouth tip, for an exceptional tasting experience. It also has stainless-steel construction. Plus, a portion of sales for this pen are donated toward protecting the Monarch Butterfly population in California—which is a worthwhile venture to support. Save the butterflies by getting high!

Price: $40+

Timeless Photo


The holidays can be a stressful time for many, but with Timeless’ Biscotti at the ready, it will be a whole lot more relaxing. With 500mg cannabis oil, this cartridge will help you get rid of stress. Timeless says that due to the “peppery caryophyllene, herbal myrcene and hoppy humulene” terpenes, Biscotti’s taste resembles that of a snickerdoodle cookie—so you’re getting that holiday flavor on top of a nice high that doesn’t leave you overly sedated.