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A Series of Ventures with Nitin Khanna

In each generation there are individuals who are not satisfied with themselves or the status quo around them. Nitin Khanna is one of those individuals who grew up in a environment that encouraged personal growth and determination to face the future. He entered the entrepreneur industry at a young age in 1998 with the technology company Saber Corporation. This become the first step in a sequence of events that pushed Nitin Khanna to new heights at every turn. Nitin Khanna presently lives in Portland, Oregon where he been stationed as he walks the journey described in a recent Your Story article.

Nitin Khanna didn’t use to be a household name in the industry. He had to earn that status through a long string of successful ventures. Saber Corporation was his first attempt at a solo company, and the operation quickly turned into a successful venture. It was a period when companies were requesting to upgrade their technology in massive numbers, and he had the capabilities to meet the requests of clients. After nearly a decade he grew the business into a 120 million dollar empire that employed well over a thousand individuals. However, all things must change and Nitin Khanna sold the business in 2007. It was a risky move, but Nitin Khanna believes that nothing can be won without first taking major risks.

The late 2000s was a period of market change as the global economy underwent turmoil. Businesses left and right were consolidating and merging together. It breed the perfect ground for a business venture in the eyes of Nitin Khanna. During his Saber Corporation years, he saw first hand the power and stability that comes with mergers. In this role he would research, consult, and advise his clients on what direction to take their business. Nitin Khanna saw success right away as his word was creating positive results for his clients.

MergerTech was the venture that began to turn Nitin Khanna into a household name around the industry. As an investor himself, he offer clients a unique and personal perspective on what actions to take. He followed two main guidelines during these years: non-technology and non-US buyers are more likely to spend more capital to get started. It was this self determination that saw the success of countless banks and companies across the financial industry. The Wall Street Journal listed the deal with a company named Simple as one of the highest it has ever documented. This has given MergerTech as the number one consultation service.

While the technology and financial industries have given Nitin Khanna great success, he continues to seek new ventures with high potential. Lately he has explored the growing cannabis industry for both recreational and medical practices around the country. His clout as a business man gives him an edge in any new industry. In 2015, he established the company Cura Cannabis Solutions to help him capture this growing market. Nitin Khanna has plans to expand services into Canada and along the United States west coast region. He sees unlimited potential with the reach of this business venture, and sees a future where he leads the market forward.

At the end of the day, Nitin Khanna is more than a business man. He is a active member of the community through sitting on numerous advisory broads and regularly gives back to charities. He is a humble man who has never forgotten his roots despite the success he has seen. His story will no doubt leave a lasting influence on both the business industry, as well as those client he served over the years.