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A Series of Ventures with Nitin Khanna

In each generation there are individuals who are not satisfied with themselves or the status quo around them. Nitin Khanna is one of those individuals who grew up in a environment that encouraged personal growth and determination to face the future. He entered the entrepreneur industry at a young age

Effective Online Cannabis Marketing

The world has gone to online shopping for everything from clothing to food to electronics to medicine. Going online to shop is as natural and easy today as walking into a department store to shop was fifty years ago. Only someone who lives under a rock would ignore the potential

How Weed Entrepreneurs Should Plan for Retirement

Marijuana entrepreneurs are usually so busy with their dreams and goals, not to mention the day-to-day details of nurturing a startup to full maturity, that they neglect to give adequate thought and planning to that day -- maybe far in the future -- when they retire. It’s a challenge for

I Have Been Hearing A Lot About CBD Oil Lately

When I was approaching my 30’s, I started to gravitate to a plant based diet.  I had a strong sense that this would open up more doors and create calming peace of mind.  After not consuming any animal products for over a year, I started to look for more plant