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What Sets Chris D. Bentley Apart From Other Realtors in Town

Chris D. Bentley is the founder and owner of Bentley Fine Properties, a residential real estate brokerage based in Plano, Texas. With almost two decades of experience in real estate, he has specialized in helping people relocate to the Dallas area. Among his notable approaches is his maximization of social media to enhance communication, acquire new clients, and get more deals. At Bentley Fine Properties, they aim to exceed client expectations and look forward to making more clients by providing them with exceptional service. 


When running a business, it is crucial that you take care of the people around you. Without them, your venture will not go a long way. And this is what Chris abides by. As such, his people-centric approach toward Bentley Fine Properties has allowed him to lead his team to become the best in Dallas real estate. Not only that, he also takes great pride in catering to the needs and demands of his clients. He ensures that the concerns of his customers are listened to and acted on accordingly. With that, he has had the opportunity to expand his business through repeat clients and referrals. 

Moreover, Chris is also a man who takes pride in his networking abilities. If you want to become a professional in real estate, you must use your networking possibilities to your fullest potential. Through building solid connections with others, you can raise your profile, advance your career, and gain more knowledge about the industry. On top of that, it also reinforces your confidence to do your work diligently.

Time Management

Money comes and goes, but time is a force that cannot be stopped; how you spend your hours defines your success. With significant goals in the field, it seems inevitable that you will get sidetracked now and then. Distractions will be your biggest competitor. Hence, it is imperative that you manage your time effectively in real estate. Chris practices organizing his tasks accordingly, which he strictly supervises with a to-do list. In doing so, he is able to work out his business goals with passion, persistence, and patience towards attaining his targets daily. 

Online Presence

In Chris’s experience in real estate, half of his earnings came from clients who repeatedly availed of his services and referrals, while the other half came from social media exposure. As mentioned, he is known to leverage social media to optimize Bentley Fine Properties. With technology, you can easily market online in just a few clicks or the touch of your phone. Not only that, connections can also be made and maintained more efficiently, and work can become more productive with the convenience of technology. His online presence has garnered him an audience on various online platforms, such as YouTube, which create a brand and name in real estate. Currently, Chris is the organizer of Plano Socialites, a Continuously Growing business networking Facebook group with more than 3,70 


On top of everything, Chris exhibits great courage. Without a bold heart, it is challenging to overcome the multiple hurdles life throws at you, to the extent that you would just opt to give up completely. However, with courage, it seems as if anything is possible. In building his courage, Chris synthesizes integrity, energy, diligence, and excellent customer service in every detail of his real estate transactions. Chris continuously challenges himself to deliver the best knowledge and top notch service to his clients. With that, he gets to satisfy all of the needs of his clients and continuously maintains their confidence and trust in his line of work. If you are looking for a realtor who can help you seize the best real estate opportunities, choose one who is people-centric, organized, active, and courageous—choose Chris D. Bentley. With Bentley Fine Properties, you will find the perfect home. For more information, you can visit their website or reach Chris through his Instagram.