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I Have Been Hearing A Lot About CBD Oil Lately

When I was approaching my 30’s, I started to gravitate to a plant based diet.  I had a strong sense that this would open up more doors and create calming peace of mind.  After not consuming any animal products for over a year, I started to look for more plant derived health supplements and discovered CBD.  My research suggested that this could a massive part of my families life, as the benefits sounded amazing and truly groundbreaking.

I knew I wanted to source the best, organic, full spectrum, whole plant CBD.  This is the same approach I make with my everyday diet. I avoid any food that is artificially processed or pumped full of pesticides, as this has huge impacts on your body and the environment.  I have experimented with CBD isolate, which is often heavily processed or synthesised down to one compound. I found the effects underwhelming compared to the whole plant paste that I used currently.  Isolating just one compound from the Hemp plant is very wasteful and eliminates the benefits from the other 139 compounds that the plant possesses. Compounds like CBA have great health benefits,

Studies on cannabinoids showed us that humans have  cannabinoid receptors inside their bodies. This complex system of receptors, which is responsible for the many health benefits that can be achieved when people medicate using CBD products.  Inside the body, the receptors work to utilise the CBD through our brains, skeletal, nervous and immunes systems.

In my Father’s case, the CBD oil was a real game changer.  After being diagnosed with PTSD, his Doctor had been prescribing him with a cocktail of pharmaceutical, man made drugs.  These prescriptions came with a host of nasty side effects, from stomach aches, mood swings, insomnia and a short attention span.  it made life harder, living with a volatile person, who lacked emotions and was in a ‘zombie-like’ state. Nowadays, he has come off the pills and only takes CBD oil to handle his condition.  The impact has been huge for him and my family, he is like a new person now. The changes were so fast that I felt anger against the medical industry for not researching these medicines earlier.  My father now has a healthy lifestyle, with regular, deep sleep and a much more stable persona. The mood swings have disappeared and his energy levels are not constantly up and down. Its clear to us that he has clarity in his everyday thoughts and little or no anxiety.c

By Charles Holland

CBD Enthusiast