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CEOs of Tomorrow Encourages Kids to Think Big

Roxie Hentz founded CEOs of Tomorrow back in 2016, in honor of her own mother, Daisy, who successfully ran a dress shop while Roxie was growing up. In fact Roxie became something of an entrepreneur herself at the age of seven, sewing and selling stuffed animal pillows in her mother’s shop. Since then Hentz has gone on to a successful career as an educator and motivational speaker. Her current educational passion is to help school children from fourth to twelfth grade understand their potential when it comes to entrepreneurship and starting their own businesses.

Through CEOs for Tomorrow, grade school kids in the Madison area school districts are taught how to begin and manage their own socially-conscious enterprises. The children then donate a part of their profits to a preselected cause, and then bank the rest at a local credit union.

Hentz received a Fulbright Scholarship in Entrepreneurial Scholarship several years ago, and she makes full use of her experience and education to help school-age children see the concrete benefits of small business involvement on a community level.

A recent business venture by students at one school, selling hoodies and pencil pouches, netted the student entrepreneurs $950.00. They donated $167.00 to the Goodman Community Center for school supplies, and then split the rest of the profit among each business shareholder to put in the bank.