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A Look into the Career of Daniel Snyder

Dan Snyder is the owner of the Washington Football Team, a National Football League (NFL) franchise and one of the most successful sports franchises in thew orld. He has been successfully leading the franchise since purchasing it in 1999, and he has served as the model of an owner who goes above and beyond for the organization’s employees, fans and community.

Growing up in the Washington D.C. area, Daniel Snyder was a fan of the club that was then called the Washington Redskins, and his commitment to them is a lifelong one. Today, at 55, owning the Washington Football team is the realization of a dream, and his enthusiasm for his work is one of the key elements of his success.

A self-made entrepreneur, he founded Snyder Communications Inc. in the 1980’s. The company was designed to create customized media and outreach strategies for corporations. Owing largely to the charisma and drive of Daniel Snyder, the company was a success almost from the start. This allowed Snyder to raise the capital that he later used to become the owner of the Washington Football Team.

The company was so popular with corporate America, that, at one point, it boasted almost half of all Fortune 500 companies as its clients. Not only did Daniel Snyder work with his clients on communications strategies, he helped them with marketing and advertising as well. The expertise he gained helped him later on as he boosted the overall brand of the Washington Football team.

Washington Football Team

Not only has the Washington Football team had many successful seasons under the leadership of Daniel Snyder, he has made great efforts to improve the fan experience of their audience. The team has its own stadium in Landover, Maryland, and Daniel Snyder has upgraded it to the tune of $100 million over the years.

A partial list of improvements includes having high-speed elevators installed and putting in luxury booths. Furthermore, many video screens, both large and small, have been set up so that fans can get real-time images and statistics to enhance their enjoyment of the game.

Contributing to society

Soon after he began leading the Washington Football team, Daniel Snyder noticed that there was a lack of a strong organization in the Washington D.C. area to coordinate the corporations running charitable programs with the community groups and initiatives that needed their assistance.

As a response, he founded the Washington Charitable Foundation as way to bridge the gap. Under his leadership, the foundation has been running continuously since 2000, and it has given away nearly 30 million dollars to deserving charitable drives and organizations.

The foundation has a special emphasis on helping children. It has sponsored initiatives focused on improving literacy and on assisting children whose families are homeless obtain adequate food, clothing and school supplies.

Also, in keeping with his philosophy of helping the young, Daniel Snyder has given both time and money to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC). This group has done groundbreaking work in helping victimized children and their families, and it works very closely with law enforcement to help safeguard the rights of innocent children.

Motivations and honors

Daniel Snyder took his giving worldwide after watching scenes of devastation in the Caribbean following Hurricane Matthew in 2016. Wanting to do something to help, he quickly began using the resources available to him and started having badly needed emergency supplies airlifted to affected areas.

Two Washington Football team players with personal ties to Haiti joined Snyder on the trip, and the combined effort soon caught the attention of the press. Daniel Snyder was interviewed on national news networks, and he stated that the need to help Haiti was obvious and that he was happy to be in a position to do so.

Private Life

Daniel Snyder lives in the D.C. metro area he loves in Potomac, Maryland. He is married with three children, and, despite his hectic work schedule, he makes sure to spend time with his family whom he calls his ‘strength.’

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