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White OG Strain

White OG Strain

White OG strain is a hybrid strain that has been around for some time now. It has in fact received awards, two Cannabis Cups, dating back to 2014, and prior to that in 2010. The first man to develop this strain is believed to be unknown, but what is known is that this strain originates from two reputable strains in California Sour and Lemon OG Kush. As expected, originating from these strains, the White OG strain does indeed pack a high THC count. 

For those who are new to cannabis and marijuana, or find themselves experimenting with various strains, it is recommended by those more conditioned to its effects that they only try small doses of consumption when it comes to the White OG strain. Consumers of this strain can expect to feel relaxed. The most common effects of this strain include relaxed, focus, sleepy, happy, and euphoric. The flip side to using White OG strain is that users may experience feelings of dry mouth and dry eyes. Dry mouth and dry eyes however are to be expected when experimenting with most strains of cannabis, not just White OG strain. In addition to dry mouth and dry eyes, some users have reported mild feelings of dizziness and minor headaches. 

White OG strain is available to consumers in a range of flavors and fragrances. Fragrances include pine, lemon, sweet, pungent, and earthy. Flavors available are sweet, woody, pine, citrus. 

As well as having many positive recreational purposes, White OG strain also has many medicinal uses, and many regular users of this strain claim to only use it for medicinal purposes. Users of White OG strain choose it specifically for combating stress. The medical uses of this strain include stress relief, headaches relief, chronic pain relief, as well as insomnia and depression. As this strain has a positive euphoric and happy effect, it makes it ideal for dealing with depression. The relaxing qualities make it effective for those suffering from insomnia. A lot of users who choose cannabis and marijuana for medicinal purposes prefer to use natural remedies, as they not only believe they are a healthier option but also find the effects to be more immediate as opposed to prescribed pharmaceutical medications. 

For those looking to grow their own White OG strain crop, they can expect it to flower around 9-11 weeks when grown properly indoors. Flowering outdoors is said to be most effective when done through mid to late October. The THC content is believed to be 24-28% which makes this strain very rich in THC. THC(Tetrahydrocannabinol) is the natural compound found in cannabis plants that causes the user to experience the high and other feelings of euphoria and happiness after consumption. As this strain, in particular, has a high THC concentration, it comes as no surprise that new users are recommended to try only smaller doses when trying White OG.
For both medicinal and recreational purposes, White OG strain is definitely a top-quality strain worth trying out. For more information, you can browse this piece on white og as it goes into more detail about the properties and qualities of this strain.