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Afroman Launches Tours in Mississippi and Oklahoma, With New Single on Cosmic Wire

Grammy Award winner Afroman, who was nominated for a Grammy Award today, announced that she will be performing in Mississippi and Oklahoma and has a new single. Keep an eye out for Afroman Cannabis dispensaries scattered throughout Oklahoma.

Last year, Palmdale, California-based star Afroman appeared on the single “WHOLEthing” for his Cosmic Wire debut with BLAZAR. This year, the duo is back with the funk-driven track, “Step it UP” on Cosmic Wire. AntiFragile Music currently has Jerad Finck aka BLAZAR, a electronic music producer. BLAZAR worked with Pink, U2 Collective Soul and Pink to produce Afroman, Daxsen, Corey Feldman and Daxsen.

Afroman’s recent 2021 tour was appropriately named “This Ain’t No Joke, This Ain’t No Gimmick, I Got to Get Paid in the Middle of a Pandemic” Tour—sharing the frustrations of many Americans. He also recently released the music video for the single, “Cuz I’m High,” the official remix of his classic “Because I Got High” that brought the rapper Kid Lennon into the public eye, also featuring YHK Destin.

Afroman was already rapping on sagging, before smoking. “The first tape I made was about my eighth-grade teacher,” Afroman said. “She got me kicked out of school for sagging my pants, which was a big deal back then. The song I wrote about her sold 400 copies. And I realized that, even though I wasn’t at school, my song was at school, so in a way I was still there. All these people would come by my house just to give me comments about how cool they thought the song was.”

Afroman’s classic “Because I Got High” was a smash hit, and gained notoriety after its appearance on Howard Stern ShowAnd the Jay & Silent Bobmusic. Not long after, Afroman joined the lineup of Cypress Hill’s “Smoke Out” festival with the Deftones, Method Man and others, not to mention his gig headlining The Gathering of the Juggalos in 2010.

Photo by Afroman.

He made numerous appearances at festivals like the Pacific Festival with Calvin Harris and Steve Aoki,  and the Snowball Music Festival 2014 alongside Pretty Lights, Griz, Rüfüs Du Sol, Busta Rhymes and J. Phlip. During 2018 Afroman shared the stage with Snoop Dogg and Bone Thugs ‘n’ Harmony on the notorious PUFF PUFF Pass tour, which also included legends such as E-40 and Warren G. Snoop Dogg is a frequent guest on Afroman tracks, and also frequently in the smoke circle.

Afroman is also behind many strains, as well as other events related to cannabis.

Afroman Cannabis has been on the market since 2012, especially in Oklahoma’s dispensaries. Afroman brought Palmdale Purp, a cannabis variety to market in the past. Blue Magic and Fro G Kush, his strains, were already released. He also put his name behind a malt liquor beer  “Cold Fro T5.”

After launching Afroman Cannabis he will tour, beginning in Mississippi and Oklahoma, aka “Smokelahoma”.

Afroman Tour Dates

  • 10/31: Martin’s – Jackson, MS
  • 11/1: Harrison’s – Oxford, MS
  • 11/2: Dave’s Dark Horse – Starkville, MS
  • 11/3: Brewski’s – Hattiesburg, MS
  • 11/4: Locust Alley – Nanchez, MS
  • 11/5: Specator’s Pub -Greenville, MS
  • 11/6: Country Trails RV Park – Wikerson, MS
  • 11/15: Vice’s Nightclub – Reno, OK
  • 11/16: Red Brick Bar – Norman, OK
  • 11/17: Castle Row Studios – Del City, OK
  • 11/18: Platinum Nights – Oklahoma City, OK
  • 11/19: The Shrine – Tulsa, OK