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Are You A Business Startup; Focus On Providing Great Experience To Customers

Do You Own a Business Startup? Focus on Providing Great Customer Experiences

If you’re thinking about starting your own business, it is easy to feel cold feet. There are thousands of businesses using digital marketing techniques like Facebook ads. This is a fierce market. However, the customer is finding it difficult as more people use ad blocking software.

What is the best method to create your business of dreams?

Learn more from Antonio Para, the legend and entrepreneur.

About Antonio Para

Antonio Para is a staple in hip-hop/rap for over 20 years, from the streets of New York City to the Bay Area’s hyphy movement. Para has always been involved in illegal and street rap. As a prominent figure in the cannabis culture from coast to coast, he earned a name for himself as a legendary marijuana dealer. Tony currently operates his legal cultivation and genetics farms. His street-trending strain Ferrari Runtz is currently being developed.

Tony is an entrepreneur involved in music, athletics and cannabis. His success is defined as someone who reached the top of the ladder and gave back to his community.

Tony is the owner of several businesses that provide a specific service. Tony wants to leave a lasting legacy and inspire others.

It’s time to get started

Tony started entrepreneurship when he was 13 years old. Tony recalls the day he boarded a train in order to get cannabis from his Latino neighborhood. He tried to sell marijuana at a street corner.

Tony remembers that he was only 13 at the time and that many young men approached him for information about his products. He was asked by an older gentleman what his weed bags looked like. Tony said with a smile that these were my $10 sacks. The man left, took a few dollars, and then came back to get the rest of his stash.

Tony was 13 years old when he learned about the benefits of buying quality products at wholesale prices and then selling them cheaply.

Customers are provided with a wonderful experience

Tony states that you shouldn’t be in a business just for the money. Tony believes the best foundations for success don’t revolve around money. It is about providing a memorable experience for your clients.

Tony believes that business should be about improving the lives of people and providing better services. You can make money if that’s what you do.

You can create a wonderful experience by design. Tony was a keen learner about how to grow cannabis. He was able to learn about botany, genetics and marketing your brand. He was able to create a marijuana product unlike any other. His marijuana is said to have blessed the lungs some of the most prominent names in hip-hop, including Diddy, Rick Ross and Lil Wayne.


With customers, the rules are changing. In today’s fierce competition, improving customer service is the most effective way to expand your business. Tony is available via email.