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Effective Online Cannabis Marketing

The world has gone to online shopping for everything from clothing to food to electronics to medicine. Going online to shop is as natural and easy today as walking into a department store to shop was fifty years ago. Only someone who lives under a rock would ignore the potential

CBD Oil Treating Sports Injuries

Extensive research has shown that humans have a endocannabinoid system, with receptors that react to the various compounds found within hemp derived medicines (CBD oil).  Modern sports medicines is a complex market, with varied opinions. Traditionally, doctors will treat muscle injuries with corticosteroid injections and steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.  These types

CBD for Dog’s Health and Well-Being

In recent years, we have discovered that all mammals have a endocannabinoid system.  Just like humans, their bodies have a vast network of neurotransmitters and receptors, located in their brains, stomachs and nervous systems.  Adding CBD is hugely beneficial and creates a state of homeostasis, improving their sleep, inflammation, digestion

Medical Marijuana Laws in New Jersey

In New Jersey Senate Bill #119 was approved by the state legislature for the regulation of medical marijuana and signed to become law by then Governor Jon Corzine in January of 2010 -- it became law six months later in June of 2011. The law is designed to protect patients who

Medical Marijuana Laws in New Hampshire

House Bill #573 for the use of medical marijuana was approved and made into law for the state of New Hampshire on the 23rd of July, 2013. Authorized by the bill is the use of medical marijuana throughout the state and the creation of a registration card identification system, which will

Medical Marijuana Laws in Nevada

Ballot Query #9 on the use of Medical Marijuana in the State of Nevada was approved in November of 2000, but did not go into effect until nearly a year later October of 2001. Only patients with symptoms and/or diseases approved by the Nevada Department of Human Resources are exempt from

Medical Marijuana Laws in Montana

The Montana Department of Health and Human Services was empowered by state initiative #148 to begin issuing ID cards for patients who intend to use medical marijuana on the advice of their physician, beginning November in 2004. Registration is mandatory for any and all patients who are in possession of,

Medical Marijuana Laws in Minnesota

SF #2470 became state law in Minnesota beginning in May of 2014. The Minnesota Commissioner of Health determines which medical conditions qualify for treatment with medical marijuana. As of 2017, the following are included: Obstructive sleep apnea; autism with certified spectrum disorders; any cancerous condition where chemotherapy is producing severe nausea, chronic

Medical Marijuana Laws in Michigan

  Michigan is the only state in the Union to spell 'marijuana' as 'marihuana.' The Michigan Marihuana Medical Act was approved by the state legislature in November of 2008 and went into effect in December of 2008.   As of July of 2018, the following are the only approved diseases and symptoms for

Medical Marijuana Laws in Massachusetts

Medical marijuana was put on the ballot in Massachusetts in November of 2012 and was approved. It went into effect on January first of 2013. The new law states that no punishment under state authority exists for health care professionals, doctors, and qualifying patients or for agents of state approved medical