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Canadian College Campus Is First to Get Weed Dispensary

After the recently approved opening of Burb’s retail store at the University of British Columbia, it will become Canada’s first dispensary-licensed college. Burb Cannabis Corp. will become the eighth cannabis retailer licensed in British Columbia with this new location. The company is now within the legal limit of the permitted number of recreational dispensaries in British Columbia.

Burb is an international cannabis brand with a stated mission of bringing British Columbia’s “BC Bud” culture to the world through a network of retail shops, cannabis products, apparel, and accessories. It also produces and owns the podcast Light Culture, hosted by David Hershkovits (the co-founder of the company and the former editor-in chief). Paper Magazine.

Burb’s dispensary planned for the University of British Columbia, which actually sits just off campus, was approved by the Metro Vancouver Regional District (MVRD) Board of Directors, the local governing body for the area surrounding the university. It was approved despite strong opposition from the local community. Nearly 1,900 people signed an online petition.

“This was a big victory for us after a contentious debate around public safety and community fit,” John Kaye, CEO and co-founder at Burb, said in a statement from the company. “Despite concerns grounded in age-old stigma from nearby residents, many of whom were off-shore residential owners, the Board made an informed decision that aligned with the overwhelming voice of the student body as well as the tenets of legalization in our country. We’re beyond excited to bring Burb to campus and provide safe access to students and residents this fall.”

Campus Dispensary: Neighbors Disapprove

The dispensary would not be located near campus because it is too close to two elementary schools, a high school nearby and a local high school. Neighbors who opposed the location of the dispensary launched an opposition campaign against its approval. An online petition posted by local resident Connie Chen suggested the store would attract people to the area for purposes “unrelated to the university,” according to a report from CBC News.

“By allowing cannabis retail to exist in this business plaza, we are putting vulnerable children at a high risk of exposure to substances they are too young for,” the petition stated.

The proposed cannabis shop was supported by the university’s Alma Mater Society (AMS)‚ the organization representing more than 56,000 students on campus. Sean Safaei (from Burb) also posted an online petition supporting the dispensary and received over 2,000 signatures.

“Since the AMS was in support of the project right from the beginning, it’s definitely good news for the students,” AMS president Eshana Bhangu said of the application approval.

“We just think the UBC student body really deserves to have a safe space nearby where purchasing cannabis is accessible and provided in a stress-free environment,” she added.

Bhangu stated that students would need to travel 2.5 km (a little more than 1.5 mile) by bus or foot to get to the closest cannabis retailer. You could also buy cannabis from illegal dealers.

“Locations like these really do reduce illegal activity and we don’t think that this is going to have any risk to families and underage youth,” said Bhangu.

Burb believes that this new dispensary, in addition to being the first located on a Canadian college campus will also be the first of its kind anywhere. Burb plans to expand its business outside British Columbia after the company has opened the maximum number permitted in the province. Recent expansions to the United States saw the debut of British Columbia’s cannabis strains Butter Tarts, Beaver Tail and Zyrup on the California market.

“We are west coast OG and breathe the rich history of BC Bud into all extensions of our brand,” said Kaye. “British Columbia has gained worldwide notoriety for breeding and cultivating premium, award-winning craft cannabis strains. We’re honored to bring this legacy, experience and passion to California through careful curation and proprietary innovation.”

Burb Expanding Into U.S. Markets

In May, the company announced its expansion in California’s competitive adult-use cannabis wholesale market, with Burb’s products gaining exposure on dispensary shelves at retailers including Cookies, Dr. Greenthumb, The Pottery, and Mainstage. The company also has plans to expand into Florida’s growing medical cannabis economy.

“We’re delighted to partner with TRP, the wholesale division of Cookies Retail Group, to bring our Los Angeles grown premium flower products to the state of California and look forward to launching in the state of Florida this fall exclusively through Cookies retail stores,” said Kaye.

Burb’s brand has been licensed for TRP to Florida and California. Green Label is a Los Angeles-based cultivation partner, led by Jason McKnight. Green Label will supply premium indoor flower supplies for Burb.

“We’re innovating with Jason, working with amazing genetics providers and doing our best to bring the flavors we know and love to the California market,” said Kaye.