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Cannabis Industry Gives Back This Holiday Season

Seasonal slogans like “holiday spirit” and “the season of giving” are an annual reminder to give back to those in need. Below are some great examples of cannabis business giving back.

Ayr Wellness, which has dispensaries operating in Arizona, Florida, Massachusetts, Nevada, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, announced on Dec. 5 that it would be starting its “12 Days of Giving” campaign. Each purchase from its dispensaries earns $1.12 to support Freedom Grow and Minorities and Medical Marijuana Project Clean Slate Initiative. Ayr wellness aims to raise more than $100,000. The funds will support cannabis prisoners, their families and various advocacy programs. “Ayr’s ‘12 Days of Giving’ initiative aims to reinforce our commitment to being a Force for Good by activating twelve days of charitable giving across our retail footprint,” said Ayr president David Goubert. “This marks Ayr’s second year of the program, which is poised to directly benefit the families of those who have been incarcerated for cannabis offenses.”

AFC Foundation in Florida, which provides financing for the cannabis industry has donated to Georgia’s Corners Outreach. AFC Foundation also donated in the past donations to Yo Soy Ella, Pennsylvania Court Appointed Special Advocate Association and The Weldon Project. According to AFC Foundation president and co-founder Robyn Tannenbaum, it’s essential for the company to give back. “The evolution of the cannabis industry is heavily reliant on the health of the communities in which the businesses operate. As a result, it is imperative that we work to improve these communities and invest in their future endeavors,” said Tannenbaum. “We are proud to continue our efforts to enact social change. More importantly, we are excited to support an organization like Corners Outreach that works to improve education and career opportunities for families.”

Puff Cannabis, a Michigan company that produces marijuana from Michigan gave away more than 1,700 Thanksgiving turkeys in November. Now, the brand announced its “Jackets for Joints” event. This campaign will run from December 5-18. It is seeking coats and jackets for children aged 3-12. Puff will give away one jar worth of pre-rolls in exchange. Justin Elias, president of Puff, expressed concern for the state’s children. “I recognize that due to the times we live in, many children throughout the state of Michigan need warm jackets and coats and our ‘Jackets for Joints’ program will come to the aid of many of those little ones,” Elias said. “I hope we can collect and give away thousands of warm jackets and coats this winter in order to keep our children warm.”

40 Tons is an organisation that assists people who have been convicted of cannabis offenses and their families. The organization hosted a Canna Christmas party, inviting people to contribute to the Christmas Wish List of those who are currently in prison for marijuana. While the holiday has passed, it is still a good idea to support 40 Tons as they continue to assist others.

Cannabist is a West Virginia-based medical marijuana shop that donated $6,473.65 in its last week’s American Legion Post 159 donation. Cannabist, which has four stores in the state of West Virginia, took part in weekly sales. This money will be used to provide scholarships opportunities at local high schools and funds for trips to the State Capitol.

We’re seeing tons of cannabis businesses giving back, but non-cannabis businesses are also pitching in to help patients with access to medical cannabis, too. According to Lanakshire LiveAccording to a Scottish newspaper, businesses have stepped up to support Cole Thompson who has cortical dysplasia. He uses Bedrolite cannabis oil for his treatment. Their families face a similar burden as many others in Europe when they try to access medical marijuana medicine. 

A campaign called “Cole’s Christmas Wish” is currently underway, asking for donations to help fund his family’s access to the medicine. “An amazing 15 businesses have signed up already, but for it to work we really need to get the full 36 businesses signed up, hopefully by Christmas, which would give Cole the money for his medicine for the year,” said Cole’s mom, Lisa Quarrell. “We are still looking for 21 businesses who are willing to get on board by donating a one-off payment of £500 to keep Cole seizure-free and safe.”