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Catholic High School Teacher Busted for Allegedly Smoking Weed with Students

Brady P. Waibel (32) is a 32-year-old former Catholic schoolteacher. He is accused of having smoked marijuana with several students, including three juveniles. 

Waibel was formerly a music teacher at Cathedral High School, New Ulm, Minnesota. He was arrested Jan. 19, with five-degree felonies of possessing cannabis, and three gross misdemeanors for contributing to delinquency. 

School quickly responded to incident by issuing a statement. New Ulm Area Catholic Schools President Sister Julie Brand stated on January 19 Waibel no longer works at school. The JournalReports state that the Zoom hearing will be held on February 14, at 8:30 am.

Fox 9 reports, according to court papers, that Waibel was taken by two other students and put under a bridge. Waibel and the two others reportedly walked towards a nearby sandbar and Waibel then pulled out a blunt, which he handed to students. The incident was witnessed by all three of the students who claimed to have smoked marijuana.

The New Ulm Diocese priest who was associated with it called police after being informed by school administrators that students had been smoking together. Jeff Hohensee (New Ulm Police Investigator) was the supervising priest. The Free Press identified. Three students were identified as minors and one student was an adult.

Hohensee set up interviews to speak with the parents of students, and then questioned them at New Ulm Police Department.

Police interviewed several students including an additional student who admitted that they had smoked at Waibel’s house on another occasion. He admitted that the adult student picked up a juvenile student after school and drove to the teacher’s house, where they smoked weed out of a bong. The student stated that Waibel was used between 10 and 20 time on their bongs.

One of the students told police that Waibel “always provided the marijuana free of charge,” the complaint reads. 

It’s a high school fantasy to be “Smokin’ in the Boys Room,” but a nightmare for the parents and teacher accused of contributing to minors.

A Brown Lyon Redwood Renville Drug Task Force Agent photographed evidence and executed a warrant for search. Items recovered by police included flower, wax and multicolored bongs.

It is estimated that the wax weighs 3/4 of an gram.

Waibel, who was from Minnesota was taken to Brown County Jail at New Ulm. He was later released with a $10,000 bond.

Minnesota: How to contribute to the minor

What is Waibel thinking about in terms punishment?

Minnesota law makes contributing to minor delinquency a gross misdemeanor. Maximum penalties are a year in jail and a $3,000 penalty.

Under Minnesota Statute § 152.027 possession of under 42.5 grams of cannabis is a misdemeanor charge punishable by a $200 fine and no jail time. A felony charge could result in a $5,000 fine or five years imprisonment for possession of more than this amount but not exceeding 10 kilograms.

New Ulm Area Catholic Schools didn’t immediately respond to our request for comment.

After a student in her class stole cannabis edibles from the box, an elementary teacher in South Carolina was charged with criminal offenses and forced to resign.

A teacher from Belleview High School was suspended by the Marion County Public Schools Board in 2020 for using medical marijuana.