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CBD Oil Treating Sports Injuries

Extensive research has shown that humans have a endocannabinoid system, with receptors that react to the various compounds found within hemp derived medicines (CBD oil).  Modern sports medicines is a complex market, with varied opinions. Traditionally, doctors will treat muscle injuries with corticosteroid injections and steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.  These types of treatments typically come with nasty side effects, patients found that their sleeping pattern was disrupted and would break out in cold sweats. Furthermore, the pain relief was not very effective and would cause discomfort.  In the last decade, more professional athletes are looking for a wider range of plant based medicines and this is where CBD oil starts to shine.

Now that CBD has been removed from the World Anti-Doping Agency list, it has allowed more athletes to experiment with the medicine, seeing great results across the board.  It has massively improved their lives, acting as the natural remedy they are seeking to keep their bodies strong in a demanding environment. Reducing inflammation in sports injuries is a monumental part of the medical industry, as many athletes develop arthritis during their careers.  Regular exposure to CBD can reduce pain in joints and muscles, helping in the recovery process, as well as, creating a calming peace of mind.

Cannabidiol medicines are effective for stress and anxiety, which many sports players feel before and after important events.  After medicating, the user will feel a warm, calming sensation almost instantly. removing such feeling as anxiety can really help the person perform at a much higher rate, as their sleep will improve.  It creates clarity in their mindset, allowing them to think freely, without the added stress and doubts.

CBD is a versatile medicine that can hold various forms.  Using the medicine in a topical cream can directly affect the area in most need of attention.  Applying the CBD cream to tired or pulled muscles can rapidly improve recovery and act as a strong, natural pain relief.  After years of opiate based medicines, users are preferring to medicate with topical CBD cream to help heal any injuries.  This is far more beneficial than just numbing the pain, which is just tricking the body into a fake sense of security and not actually healing the problem.  

In UFC sports, CBD is rapidly becoming more popular, as it reduces recovery time.  This allows the athlete to train harder and more freely, increasing their performances.  Feeling a lot less sore after training has its benefits and gives the user more confidence in their chosen field.  As the medicine has no tiring or groggy side effects, more people are turning to this more natural type of recovery aid.  CBD oil has a great impact on a users immune system, making it far more resistant against and bugs and infections. The last thing that an athlete wants to happen is to get ill the night before an important event.  CBD oil is packed full of antioxidants, to help people fight nasty bacterias, especially in the winter months where germs are more wide spread in gyms.

Cannabidiol extracts work well in controlling a person’s appetite, helping them take control of their diet.  Athletes always want to consume the very best food and supplements in their routine. It can be a struggle to maintain a strict diet, as sometimes the body craves food at the wrong times.  CBD does not act like THC, where it has the opposite effect when related to food cravings. CBD reduces the urge to snack and keep the user feeling fuller for an extended period of time. It creates a real balance throughout the body and mind, which is vital in the modern sports environment.  The future really is looking plant based, suppressing a lot of the synthetic type, man made drugs. The benefits are clear and becoming more and more popular!