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CBD for Dog’s Health and Well-Being

In recent years, we have discovered that all mammals have a endocannabinoid system.  Just like humans, their bodies have a vast network of neurotransmitters and receptors, located in their brains, stomachs and nervous systems.  Adding CBD is hugely beneficial and creates a state of homeostasis, improving their sleep, inflammation, digestion and pain.

After seeing my previous Rottweiler suffer with hip dysplasia, I decided to research alternative medicines.  The pharmaceutical pills that he had been taking had numerous side effects and constantly gave him a bad stomach.  I knew there must be a way around this problem using natural remedies. With my current dog, I have been adding CBD paste to his food for around two years and noticed great results.  He like many animals has a problem with social anxiety and can become on edge when out on walks. After a small 50ml dose of CBD paste, he almost instantly calms and relaxes.

Luckily, he does not suffer from a joint problem, as he has a good hip score for his breed.  I administer CBD after most walks to help with muscle recovery and any inflammation he might have endured during his exercise.  I feel this is really important especially with larger breed dogs, where their joints are under pressure from their weight.

CBD can form a vital part of a dog’s routine.  I personally like to prepare his food everyday, as that way I know exactly what he’s consuming.  I include plenty of fresh vegetables, lentils, rice and cleanly sourced protein. I add CBD to the rice to hide the taste, along with nutritional yeast for extra vitamin B12.  I suggest using full spectrum, organic, full plant CBD paste, as it includes many other compounds like CBG and CBA. I was previously making treats for him using CBD isolate powder, but I found it was not as strong and effective.  Furthermore, it is heavily processed and synthesised and only includes one compound. I prefer the organic approach with all aspects of diets and health supplements.

Alongside, daily exercise and a clean diet, CBD can massively improve your pet’s well being.  It acts as a strong pain killer, which is great for any pulled muscles or arthritis. If your dog has lost his appetite, CBD has antiemetic properties to help stimulate their need for food. This plant extract really does have so many health advantages, studies showing that it can help protect against cancerous tumours, by stopping the rate of growth.  After witnessing great improvements with my own dog’s health, utilising this plant extract, give me a peace of mind that his endocannabinoid system is in check. Giving him the best chance at fighting any common diseases that dog’s can suffer.

For something so simple, that takes only minutes to administer, it brings so many benefits and is a ‘no brainer’ from my perspective.  Avoiding numerous, costly trips to the vets for man made drugs, has been a massive benefit for our family. It is far easier to add CBD to your pet’s diet and stick to an active, clean lifestyle.  Once you master this, you will see first hand the benefits and your dog will thank you.