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Decolonizing the Mental Health Space with Marilyn Julia Brown

The basis of a person’s well-being is mental health. Mental illness is not a condition that prevents one from being able to understand, think, and learn about others. 

A state of mental health, which is both internal and externally balanced, means that the person and their environment are harmonious. This equilibrium is created by the interconnected variables of physical, psychological, cultural, spiritual, and social health. The unbreakable links between mental health and physical well-being are irreversible. More than 100 million people in the Western Pacific suffer from mental health disorders. This country only accounts for 5.73 percent in total healthcare costs.

Marilyn Julia At A Glance

Marilyn Julia Brown, intuitive healer and artist is well-known for her remarkable work. From Chicago she moved to San Diego and enrolled into a graduate program. While she was studying, she also worked. After her unhappy job at San Diego school, she decided to quit and move to Los Angeles in order to pursue a new position. 

She became homeless after moving to Los Angeles. Marilyn realized that she was looking for a way to change her life and decided to join the private sector. 

After joining a group clinic, she made the decision to open her own clinic in 2014. Her company, A Mindful Approach Counseling was founded in 2014. Well was released in 2022. Today, she is a licensed psychotherapist and clinical supervisor. She also teaches yoga, tells stories, and hosts podcasts. She is also a certified energy healer for Southern California. 

Marilyn, a black woman raised by a single mom is an example of a mother raising a child. Marilyn says that she was raised in chaotic circumstances and suffered trauma as a child. Marilyn studied psychology after graduating from high school because she loved it. Marilyn has seen so many changes over the years that she’s become who she today is. She was in an abusive relationship and has been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. But she never gave up, and she now lives a life full of joy.

The Inspiring Journey To Hope

Marilyn is an amazing artist because her story is authentic, and it inspires others. Marilyn grew up in chaos and was raised by one mother. She has found the strength to overcome her circumstances and find solutions for those things that have ruined her family. She now helps others to overcome what she experienced. Mindful-decolonial techniques are used to tackle a wide range of issues.

What she’s been through inspires her. She didn’t give up even after she was diagnosed with a serious illness. Even though she was denied the job and lost her entire savings, she refused to give up. Every tragedy has been overcome by her. She is therefore the best person to provide psychotherapy.

It doesn’t matter if life throws us curveballs. There are always ways we can fight back to get what is ours. There is so much to life. Even when it seems like everything has ended, there are always ways we can look inside ourselves and find new solutions.

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