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Deputy Fends of Five Armed Robbers at Dispensary in St. Vincent

With the abundance of marijuana and cash, criminals can easily fall prey to the Caribbean’s cannabis-only market. On Friday, January 27, five attempted armed robbers tried to enter the Vermont town (not to confuse with the U.S. government) located in the Caribbean island of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. A deputy guard stopped them from entering a dispensary. The perpetrators were captured mid-robbery, while still on the scene due to their quick response and quick thinking. 

Green Lava Labs, a dispensary and medical marijuana company in Queensbury, Vermont is Green Lava Labs. The company was one the nation’s first to obtain a Class-C license. It has a large amount of cannabis, and stable cash flows.

St. Vincent Times reports that five men, one brandishing a gun and another brandishing a “cutlass,” allegedly entered the dispensary at 2:00 am at night forcefully and injured at least one person. The five assailants allegedly attempted to break into the dispensary’s storage area. A deputy with an armed security service was quick to respond and forced the five robbers from the dispensary to flee.

“Our armed security operative engaged the bandits directly, firing several shots, causing the bandits to flee, without being able to break into the building and storage rooms,” Sheriff PSS Inc stated.

Officials stated that a deputy arrived on the scene within fifteen minutes. The suspects were not yet present.

“Operations Control was contacted and our Executive Director Mr. Jason Greene and Operations Commander Mr. Cox responded immediately to provide additional support. Police [were] contacted and responded promptly within 15 minutes,” the release reads.

During the incident, a caretaker was hurt. 

“The live-in caretaker on the estate was injured during the incident and taken to the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital by Sheriff PSS Inc for medical attention,” the report continued.

“Sheriff takes this opportunity to remind the nation that we are serious about asset protection as SVG’s only tactical security agency. We stand ready to serve citizens and the business community as the #1 source for reliable, competent and efficient Asset Protection Agents and Security solutions.”

SVG granted the first cannabis cultivation licenses in 2019 to government officials. 

Green Lava Labs is a Leader in the Caribbean

Green Lava Labs launched in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Nov. 15, 2019. Green Lava was the very first company to obtain a Class C medical marijuana cultivation license. They can extract, import and export up to 25 acres.

Green Lava can produce more than 8,000 pounds per annum of cannabis. Future plans call for the expansion of the 25-acre permit that will allow Green Lava to grow cannabis to a maximum of 35,000 pounds per annum.

The company’s grand opening was significant enough to attract Prime Minister Dr. Ralph E. Gonsalves; Minister of Agriculture, Saboto Caesar; a Senior Official of the Medical Cannabis Authority; and officials to attend.

It offers pre-rolls, CBD products and flowers.

Other locations are also available, including in Jamaica.

Business is once again booming in SVG’s medical cannabis industry, Minister of Finance, Camillo Gonsalves reported earlier this year. It comes after a period of slow and discouragement due to COVID Pandemic Restrictions and the destruction caused by La Soufriere Volcano eruption.