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Europe’s First Cannabis Wellness Spa Opens in Switzerland

In a move that was inevitable, if not out of an upscale version of Cheech and Chong’s Great European Cannabis AdventureThe first Swiss cannabis wellness spa, ‘The First Cannabis Wellness Spa’ has opened in Switzerland.

Promoted as a spot to relax through German-speaking Press aus hanf —in other words, an interpretation of cannabis luxury wellness of the cannabidiol kind, it is certainly a well-timed venture. This is not only secure from changes in regulations, although the country will be launching its own recreational test. It’s also likely to draw COVID-weary travelers looking for luxury escapes.

Hemp muesli and yoga with CBD oil-scented massages certainly sounds enticing, particularly as an après ski event. In this region, the winter season runs from April to May. 

Luxurious wellness doesn’t go out of style, but this is just the beginning.

Cannabis Wellness Retreats

This CBD Schlosshotel, while still being in safety territory, is the start of a huge, cannabis-themed wellness movement that’s scheduled to spread across this part of the globe. Higher THC products will soon be part of this mix. It is nearly certain that the Swiss cannabis experiment, which saw full legalization of cannabis in Switzerland, will continue.

None of the projects of this ilk will be on the budget side for a while—but give it time. In this region, the hostel, hotel and hospitality industry is an established tradition. Don’t forget that beyond winter sports, whole towns in Switzerland and across the DACH region were established just as wellness retreats, often around a bubbling mineral well or two—and frequently available for summer as well as winter getaways.

Europe will soon be home to cannatourism. This is the first wave of a large one.

Cannabis Wellness Retreats: What You Need to Know

They are legal experts in several aspects of marijuana case law. It includes the application of novel food and loopholes in state Narcotics Laws. This model of cannabis-hospitality can flourish in Switzerland, which is why the government has accepted waivers. The country also implements an unusual experiment in the area.

Edibles, including those containing THC, will be available from not only the country’s pharmacies, but also “cannabis clubs.” A wellness experience that incorporates a higher level of THC is only a matter of time here.

How about other EU countries outside of Switzerland?

Any unique developments in the neighboring countries that are related to recreational cannabis reform will likely be studied, if not copied. This is because of the delays across the DACH/EU borders on this issue. Zermatt may not be far away from Zermatt’s cultural and wellness offerings, but the German Alps offer more affordable options. These retreats will not be possible in Germany or Austria unless there are some significant changes in law.

However, it is possible to do anything. This is just a matter time. This is not to mention the possibility of successful experiments across any German-speaking borders.

In Spain, there are experiments like this afloat, although sometimes occurring in “secret” locations. For obvious reasons, these establishments are limited to CBD.

One thing is certain. It is clear that cannabis luxury wellness experiences are here to stay. There will be many other similar-themed destinations and vacations in the future.