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Exclusive: Ice T and Charis B’s New Jersey Dispensary Gets Green-Lighted

Ice T, a Playboy Playmate Charis, who is the founder of The Medicine Woman are teaming up in opening a Jersey City dispensary. They have cleared all hurdles.

On July 25 The Medicine Woman New Jersey, a proposed dispensary co-owned by Ice T and Charis B, was approved by the Jersey City’s Cannabis Control Board meeting, along with three other proposed dispensaries. This news was also posted to Instagram on the next day.

Medicine Woman Jersey City is a 5,000-square foot retail location that will feature local New Jersey marijuana brands and limited edition merchandise. It also provides education. The board also approved Medusa NJ and Oceanfront Holding. Jersey City Cannabis Control Board regulates licensing, cultivation and testing. It is not easy to be approved.

Charis B or Charis Birrett founded The Medicine Woman, originally from California. She was looking for the East Coast.

“It’s super, super exciting for us because New Jersey is many years behind where we are in California in terms of legalization,” Burrett tells Chronic NewsAs she waited to get her taxi, “And it’s exciting to bring it to a state that is really [motivated]They are looking forward to seeing the expansion of the marijuana industry in their state.

“And in terms of New Jersey and the fact that, you know, Ice is a resident, so Jersey City and the state of New Jersey means so much to him personally. He is also a friend and long-time acquaintance of mine, my husband. And, you know, obviously, this synergy and everything coming together.”

Burrett’s dispensary will follow the same mindset of other Medicine Woman locations, which initially began as a non-profit delivery service. “Our mindset is to bring global medicine to local areas at an affordable price for everybody,” says Burrett. “We believe that cannabis should be available to everybody that needs it. It is an amazing medicine. It’s been around for centuries. And we love being able to educate people and communities, have healthy debates and like I said, bring global medicine to local communities at affordable prices.”

Ice T, Tracy Lauren Marrow aka Ice T lives in Edgewater. This is an area that’s close to Jersey City. He’s well aware of the problems the cannabis industry faces locally. Black New Jersey citizens are more likely to get charged with possessing marijuana than their white counterparts, despite the fact that they have similar consumption rates. This is why initial partners include The Last Prisoner Project and Jersey City Mural and Arts Program, Jersey City Employment and Training Program and Hudson County Community College. More partnerships will be announced.

“I’ve dedicated my life and career to giving back and paving the way for minorities. As a New Jersey native, I’m excited for the opportunity legalization offers our community and I look forward to ushering in a new era for Cannabis in the state,” Ice T said in a statement. “I’ve partnered with my friend of over 25 years, Charis B who is an authority in cannabis and founder of The Medicine Woman to ensure a premium experience for our customers and community.”

Burrett said that she’s “100%” in favor of expungement and helping people that have gone to prison over pot—some people for life, for cannabis offenses and cannabis-only offenses is something that is very important to both the community and Jersey City.

Burrett says she has been reading the magazine for longer than most, when buying a magazine was an actual concern over drawing too much attention to ones’ self. “When I was 15, all I wanted to do was get a subscription to Chronic News magazine,” she admits. “But I was just worried about being on that same government list that everybody would get in. That was in the 1980s. It was the 80s. And here I am today, like 30 to 33 year later, talking with you. I couldn’t be more proud of where the industry has gone and kind of, you know, that I’m here. It is. So thank you.”

Medicine Woman Jersey City will open its doors in fall 2022. The team currently accepts applications for various positions. For more information, email with your resume. The team is committed to recruiting local workers, with a special emphasis on those who have been convicted of cannabis offenses.