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Exclusive: Straws Lined with THC Could Transform Edibles Industry

Innovative THC delivery systems are plentiful in a market saturated with transdermal patches, dissolvable strips and more—but every so often, a unique product idea disrupts the playing field. Enter THC-infused drinking straws loaded with an interior lining—infused with THC.

Drnq Budz introduced its first line of THC-infused drinking straws. The straws’ linings are infused with THC. As you drink the straws, the lining will dissolve. This allows for a brand new system of titration: The consumer can monitor the level of THC in the straw’s outer layer. This technology is able to precisely determine the dosage and sets it apart from all other titration methods.

Allow your lungs to rest but keep the THC in high doses. This can be done within five minutes. The straw’s colored coating will begin to fade as THC is consumed.

Joe Wallace is the founder of Drink Budz.

“Here’s the situation: People are taking gummies and waiting half an hour to get high,” Drnq Budz Founder Joe Wallace told Chronic News. “How often do they end up taking a second one when they get bored waiting? You end up much higher that you wanted. With Drnq Budz, the coating dissolves in the liquid you drink with it, giving it greater bioavailability—we have a six-minute onset, which is definitely more fun, but also gives people more control.”

Is this possible? Los Angeles-based Startup secured master rights to the technology of Unistraw (based in Australia), the largest straw manufacturer in the world. Unistraw’s patented, award-winning straw-delivery system can infuse drinks with a coating of flavoring or active ingredients—THC, in this case. 

Drnq Budz is available in three flavor options and three doses. These include 25mg 50mg or 100mg. Each straw contains 5-10mg. Soon, more options will be available. This makes it possible for anyone to mix THC into any type of beverage, including cocktails. Infusions of cannabis require that it be decarboxylated, and then added to alcohol. It’s just not something most average consumers know how to do properly. 

In 10-straw packages, the straws can be purchased in natural flavors like Mango and Lemon-Lime as well as Berry and Matcha. Starting December 15th, 2021 Drnq Budz is available at California dispensaries.

As plastic litters our oceans, there are many bans on straws. Plastic straws were banned in Seattle, Washington and Washington D.C. on July 2018. Major food and beverage chains like Starbucks have also begun to eliminate plastic straws. There is still plenty of opportunity to compostable alternatives.

Drink Budz.

Straws made from Drnq Budz are 100% bio-sustainable and certified compostable. They are actually sourced from corn—not plastic. The straws could help to create a massive reduction in the cannabis industry’s carbon footprint, reducing shipping and storage of heavier products and reducing the plastic and chemical waste associated with vaping products. 

“This delivery system will change lives,” Wallace said. “I know that sounds over-the-top, but think about how convenient and enjoyable this makes taking care of yourself and feeling good. This is a natural disruptor of the edibles market—which is on track to reach $12 billion by 2025. And c’mon, we’re adults here—do you really want to be sitting around eating gummy bears? Imagine all the things we can do with this technology—all you have to do is sip.”

Drinking straw technology is a fast and new method to experience the THC effects.