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FaZe Rain Launches New Cannabis Brand with The Parent Company

The Parent Company is a California-based cannabis business that announced the launch Monday of RCVRY. This brand was co-founded and launched by Nordan Shat, also known as FaZe Rain, an esports pro. Created in partnership with The Parent Company’s Caliva premium cannabis brand, RCVRY will open early access to the brand on Monday, September 12th at 1:00 PM. The first 33 entrants will receive guaranteed access to RCVRY’s launch products, limited-edition brand swag and VIP privileges at RCVRY’s upcoming launch event in West Hollywood. 

RCVRY cannabis brand was created in support of a creative and healthy lifestyle. FaZe Rain became inspired to start the RCVRY initiative after his painful recovery from severe nerve damage. He found cannabis an essential part of his overall well-being. The launch will include limited drop eighths of the “Rainz Runtz” strain, which was hand-selected by the RCVRY team in collaboration with The Parent Company (TPCO). According to the brand, this strain has a faint strawberry-like aroma and comes from the same genetic lineage as Zkittles or Gelato. Rainz Runtz is only available at Calma West Hollywood dispensary. It will not be shipped.

“When I started my journey with cannabis back in 2015, I had very little knowledge on the different strains and experiences available to consumers. As I learned more about the space, I saw a need to further the potential of the industry by helping to advance the mainstream acceptance of cannabis,” Shat said in a statement from The Parent Company. “RCVRY was created to further that goal and change opinions on cannabis while providing a consistent source of top-tier flower to all RCVRY community members. We are focused on delivering the cleanest cannabis possible to our consumers.”

Esports Star, Brand Founder

Shat is the co-founder of the popular esports and entertainment organization, FaZe Clan, which he founded with Quinn “The Wizard”, Yonatan Hagos and Erick Kahn. Troy Datcher, CEO of Parent Company, stated that FaZe Clan is a media and lifestyle platform that’s been embraced by gamers. It has more than 500,000,000 followers on social media. FaZe Clan’s roster of content creators, esports professionals, and world-class gamers includes Kyler Murray, LeBron James Jr., Offset, Snoop Dogg and more.

“We are thrilled to partner with Nordan Shat, aka FaZe Rain, and the RCVRY team, who share our passion for the plant,” said Datcher. “The FaZe Clan brings an immense audience, and our collaboration represents a prime opportunity to unlock the synergy between gaming and cannabis communities. My priority continues to be optimizing our portfolio of high-quality, authentic brands, and our partnership with RCVRY is another strong addition to our roster.”

Calma West Hollywood, a cannabis retailer will hold a meet and greet on Saturday September 17th at 1:00-4:00 pm with Shat (and other friends) to celebrate its launch. Shat will be available to interact with customers and offer limited-edition merchandise giveaways. There will also be an opportunity for guests to take photos in the photo booth.

A QR code is included in the new RCVRY product. This will allow customers to enter a contest that asks questions about the Esports Star. After the event, the winner will be invited to spend time with Nordan and his friends in a private L.A. area. This event is for consumers over 21 (or those with a valid medical recommendation). All profits made from the launch will be donated to “peer-to-peer” recipients in need of financial assistance, with the objective to promote natural and healthy living.

The Parent Company gets a new brand

In an email, Datcher said to Chronic News that the new collaboration is in line with The Parent Company’s strategy to create authentic brands, adding that RCVRY is “a strong addition to our brand portfolio.”

“During my first meeting with Nordan, I was incredibly moved by his story but also inspired by his commitment to the plant and understanding of the benefits of cannabis,” he said.

Although he is keen on those benefits, Shat doesn’t necessarily see his cannabis use as medical, saying in a virtual interview that “I enjoy cannabis recreationally because the plant helps me feel more like myself.” Consistent with the RCVRY brand’s initial product offering, Shat says that smoking is his favorite way to consume cannabis.

“When it comes to cannabis, I prefer smoking flower,” he said. “That is why we worked with TPCO to find the best flower for RCVRY that my team would love and we hope the people love it too.”

Although he kept mum on any additional celebrity collaborations that might be in the works, Datcher teased some new initiatives to strengthen The Parent Company’s portfolio of brands.

“We’re about to embark on a very exciting period for The Parent Company and its portfolio of brands, including updates to our current product lines and expanding our partner brand offerings,” he said. “Our commitment to our consumers remains strong, and we will continue to collaborate with partners who have true connections to the cannabis community to bring safe, high-quality, and authentic products to market through our owned retail channels as well as third-party retail partners.”