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First-of-its-Kind CBD Ad to Air on Major TV Networks aired the “first CBD commercial on major television networks” to promote the website’s lab-tested information on CBD products on Monday, January 3. This website allows consumers to compare the CBD product analyses side by side in order to safely navigate the CBD industry.

The commercial aired in Las Vegas, Nevada; Denver, Colorado and San Diego, California’s CBS and ABC affiliates for a 30-second tutorial that explains why consumers need to know what’s in their CBD products. Super Bowl LIII 2019 saw cannabis ads banned. Other companies claimed early CBD commercials.

This independent platform is intended to distinguish fact from fiction when it comes to CBD products. The timing couldn’t be more prescient amid the rise of hemp-derived compounds and additives—and people’s health is on the line. The extraction method is what divides delta-8 THC’s hemp industry. There are many other compounds, including CBD. Although one product can be extremely effective, it could also be poorly sourced or contaminated. 

This website has over 350 CBD reviews on over-the-counter CBD products. It also educates people who are new to CBD. For people who are concerned about their health, the website—the first of its kind—provides independent lab tested results on all major products including what is in the product, where it came from, how true to the label claims are, and if it passes pesticide screening. Bonus: You will also be able to find discount codes.

“As CBD is becoming more and more common we wanted to make sure we are grabbing the attention of all consumers on all media platforms and TV seemed like the next appropriate place to do it,” Real Tested CBD General Manager Steve Townsend told Chronic News. “The CBD industry is kind of like the Wild West right now— there aren’t many rules and regulations as to who can create a CBD brand, and who can sell CBD products.”

Real Tested CBD.

Townsend continued, “The result of this issue is the creation of an industry where it is very difficult for consumers to distinguish good brands from bad brands, and good products from bad products. You can use we are providing a simple solution to educate someone about all the benefits CBD provides.” 

Some people don’t know how to distinguish CBD from CBD that they bought at the gas station from CBD that is sourced directly from quality retailers. It is important to start with the basics. Invisibly’s Realtime Research survey, for instance, found that 58 percent of Americans still don’t know the difference between CBD and THC—after over 1,000 people were surveyed. commercials will run on San Diego, Las Vegas and Denver’s ABC affiliates and Vegas’ CBS affiliate through March 25. Click here to view the advertisement. To learn more about Real Tested CBD please visit

Comparing Lab Results

Real Tested CBD is based on empirically tested data obtained from Earth Labs, an independent lab in Irvine, California. This allows someone to see what’s in CBD products, including the source, quality and pesticide screening. 

6.04 percent failed to detect pesticides and solvents according to the current website. On average, the deviation in lab batches for package vs tested average accuracy was 38mg. Earth Labs updated the latest batch on November 15th, 2021 at 9:42 AM.

Unproven claims are common in the CBD products industry. Every product being reviewed by Earth Lab can be viewed in PDF format.

It is possible to compare the test results for products that contain CBD as well as CBG, CBN and delta 8.

RealTestedCBD.comThe website is intended to reveal the truth behind many of the falsehoods about CBD. Please visit this website for additional information.