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Houseplant Launches Mentorship Program for Cannabis Entrepreneurs

Houseplant, a cannabis brand that Seth Rogen owns, made public its intentions to mentor local marijuana businesses on March 15. Recently, the brand sent out an email to all subscribers informing them of this opportunity. “Social responsibility is at the core of Houseplant’s mission, which is why we’re always looking for new ways to give back to the cannabis community,” the email stated. “Last year this led to the creation of a pilot program we called In-House where we provided resources and guidance to cannabis entrepreneurs from underinvested-in communities.”

The brand provides more information about this program on its website. “Houseplant’s ‘In-House’ program is a mentorship program focused on helping individuals disproportionately impacted by the War on Drugs receive a fair and equal chance to succeed in the cannabis industry,” the application reads. “The free, six-month-long program allows burgeoning cannabis entrepreneurs (from both ancillary and plant-touching companies) intimate access to the Houseplant team, as well as the company’s extensive network of advisors and industry leaders.”

This program requires a minimum of 5-10 hours per month. Among basic contact information about an individual’s cannabis business, it asks if the candidate has a social equity license in California, and if not, asks about past experiences: “Do you consider yourself (or other founding members of your team) to have been negatively impacted by the criminalization of cannabis?”

The application is brief, and the only difficulty might be trying to sum up the question “What is the biggest challenge your company is facing right now?” in only 150 words. You can apply until May 1, 2022.

Houseplant is currently in the program along with Moises Estrada, a mentor from Itty Bitties. He shared that he enjoyed his mentorship experience. “[The mentors] made themselves extremely accessible,” he says. “I know about cultivating, but I needed help with running a business, and [In-House] gave me a ton of insight,” he said, according to the Houseplant email.

Houseplant was founded in Canada by Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg and a partnership with Canopy Growth. It launched its first Canadian launch in March 2019. The partnership was ended two years later and Houseplant launched their line of products in California, March 2021.

Seth Rogen is involved in many advocacy and support missions. He was a part of the Cannabis in Common campaign which launched in November 2021. Seth Rogen appeared with Sarah Silverman to explain the U.S. cannabis situation and how it’s important that we contact our state representatives in order to legalize marijuana. “Despite what you may have heard, Americans can actually agree on something. And that something is weed,” Rogen said. “…You know who cannot agree on anything though? Politicians. Although 69 per cent of Americans want legal cannabis, only half the Senators have voted in support. In fact, some won’t even say where they stand on the issue at all.”  He concluded his statement by calling cannabis consumers of the country to act now. “Legalizing cannabis for good is long past due, but if we make enough noise, we can make it happen.”

According to IMDB, Rogen and Goldberg will work together in an NBC Project. According to IMDB, the duo is executive producers on many other projects including The Boys Spinoffs Darkwing Duck. Additionally, Rogen and his wife Lauren Miller Rogen recently received the “Public Leadership in Neurology Award” for their support for families impacted by dementia and Alzheimer’s disease—an honor previously also awarded to public figures such as Michael J. Fox, Julie Andrews and Emilia Clarke are just a few of the many. Hilarity for Charity is a non-profit that the Rogens created to raise more than $15 Million for the cause.