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Is All CBD Safe?  Guess Again

As of the summer, there were over 5112 CBD brands available in America.  According to Statistica (an independent research company), they account for about $4B annually.   There are more than 100 varieties of CBD products available from these companies, not including flavor options.  While the CBD market is expanding rapidly, there are key differences between CBD products.

Let’s start with the hemp plant itself.  A lot of companies purchase the hemp plants and the oils from third-parties.  This means that the company has limited control over their plants’ lives and the amount of oil they use.   Another important factor is the soil in which hemp plants are grown. However, very few people have done any research on this.  Next, there’s the harvesting.  

CBD products are made from oil extracted from hemp plants.  Many also contain additional products you don’t expect to see.  You might find sugar, added supplements, melatonin and others.  Although all CBD products are different, even if they were, there is no denying that some have been exposed during the growth process to toxic substances.

Statistica, in an August 2022 report noted that, “as of 2022, 28 percent of cannabidiol (CBD) brands in the United States did not test their products for pesticide contamination. Only seven percent of brands tested all their products for contamination from pesticides, heavy metals, and microbes.”    And, while most people automatically assume CBD products may be organic, this report certainly sheds a bright light on the fact that they are not.  Even worse is the fact that fewer CBD products are certified organic.  Even worse, fewer are fully certified organic. In many cases it’s the whole hemp plant that is organic and not the CBD products.  

It is well-known that hemp plants change throughout cultivation, extraction and manufacturing processes. In many cases, an organic product can become inorganic during the production process.  The product gets less healthy as more of the outlying ingredients are added.  Why put additives and byproducts into your system to make it healthier, when you could be doing the opposite if you aren’t careful?

Nesas Hemp is a full spectrum CBDa oil that is fully focused on growing their own plants, putting their products through the highest levels of testing possible, and ensuring customers that they are taking a “beyond organic” product. Although the plants are grown in-house, the soil used to grow them is proprietary to Nesas.  Nesas oil extraction is extremely precise. Plants stay alive through the whole process of extracting the oils.

It may not seem like much, but CEO and Founder Inesa Ponomariovaite sees it as the least she can give to her customers and to her plants.    Each of them, to her, needs to be able live and breath.  Inesa maximizes the therapeutic value of every plant by keeping it alive.

“Because our plants remain alive and intact through our processes, we are the first company to get the Certification of Safety Seal from the FDA registered ACS Laboratories.  Our products are proven to be safe from heavy metals, mercury, pesticides, mold, and many other harmful toxins that most companies don’t worry about,” said Inesa Ponomariovaite, CEO and Founder.

You will love it and so should your loved ones.  The level of care given to Nesas’ products is so high, and the products are so pure, they are unparalleled; and the best way to prove it is to try the product yourself.  You can use CBD oil to relieve pain, or something else. Having the right CBD products on hand will make a big difference in your overall health.