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Jerome Baker Designs Launches Into Crypto Space

You could soon be the proud owner unique digital assets that correspond to legendary glass art. Jerome Baker Designs, a leading supplier of innovative functional glass art, is creating unique digital artwork pieces that will be matched on the Ethereum blockchain in collaboration with FDCTech, Inc.

FDC (OTCQB FDCT) provides the Non-Fungible Token Platform (NFT), which allows minting and issuing NFTs. Jerome Baker Designs drop can be bought through open editions, silent auctions and worldwide offers online. It is anticipated that the platform will be available in the second quarter of 2022, with the last sale on March 31st. 

Founder and President of Jerome Baker Designs Jason Harris—the artist behind unique and rare luxury pieces including bongs, bubblers and pipes—will develop original physical and digital works for the project. Harris explained the reasons behind his move to crypto. 

“The blockchain industry has already changed the world with Bitcoin alone, which I have been accepting since 2016 for bubblers and bongs,” Harris told Chronic News. “At JBD, we have been exploring NFTs since before the term NFTs existed. We were exploring, along with many other companies, using non-fungible token technology towards supply chain.”

Pieces from Original Jerome Baker Designs have been custom-made for international artists such as Santana and George Clooney.

“As an artist, I couldn’t be more stoked to see this technology applied towards arts,” Baker explained. “The creative world has just been transformed and artists will be more empowered than ever to take control of their art and their lives. Now, initiatives are being developed with an eye toward leading the NFT Universe in general. We have unique pieces that can be tagged to NFT. That is where we think this leads: to the new phygital realm, where the physical and digital meet.”

“We are thrilled that Jerome Baker Designs has entered the NFT space with FDC. It is exciting to work with such a well-established iconic brand that has made modern artistic glass and pipe-making a highly desirable collectible art collection,” FDC Founder, CFO and NFT Team Leader Imran Firoz said. “Our Company and Jerome Baker Designs are committed to creating authentic digital and physical art pieces to showcase Jason Harris’ unique and rare work on the NFT platform, where collectors can seamlessly buy, sell, and store digital art and collectibles.”

Jerome Baker Designs

Jerome Baker Designs launched after founder Jason Harris apprenticed under Bob Snodgrass, “Godfather of artistic hard glass” and founder of the modern pipe-making industry. Snodgrass had been peddling colorful glass pipes at Grateful Dead shows across the country—significantly contributing to the popularity of glass in the world of cannabis.

Harris had the honor of following in Snodgrass’s footsteps and learning the art of glassblowing.

Cannabis News Update has recently named Jerome Baker Designs as one of the Top Ten Glassblowers in America. Jerome Baker Designs won the 2018 Chronic News Cannabis Cup for “Best Glass” in Sonoma County and was runner-up in “Best Glass” in the Sacramento 2018 Chronic News Cannabis Cup. 

JBD and Jason Harris featured in September 2020’s Chronic NewsAnnual Art issue together with Tommy Chong of SeedleSs Clothing and Shea McAdams. Harris was arrested in 2003 by federal agents as part of Operation Pipe Dreams. It demonstrated that even glass pipe sellers aren’t protected from facing criminal charges.

“We, at JBD, passionately believe in the future of a blockchain-crypto-driven digital art world and the ultimate democratization and distribution of authentic and protected digital assets. We’re excited to collaborate with FDC as they have a proven track record in building successful customized trading technology,” said Harris.