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Lowell Herb Co. Reaches Iconic Status as Leading Organic Weed Brand

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Cannabis enthusiasts have eagerly monitored the growing number of marijuana businesses cropping up across the country as recreational legalization spreads from state to state. The question of which company will catapult to the top position first has been answered. Despite the growing and changing trends of the highly competitive cannabis market, Lowell Herb Co. is has been called America’s first great weed brand.


Lowell Herb Co. is a high-end boutique marijuana business based in California. This artisanal brand is overwhelmingly preferred by jet setters and celebs thanks to its high-quality organic cannabis products and its exceptional ability to infiltrate pop culture. In fact, it has received iconic status with loyal celebrity users like Usher, Lil Wayne, Bella Thorne, Calvin Harris, HAIM, Miguel, and numerous others.


Lowell Herb Co. hit the nail on the head by appealing to consumers through its farm-to-table concept and an overall focus on social responsibility, but the story of its success has deeper roots. The company’s ability to hit mainstream pop culture with record-breaking speed is a testament to a stunning marketing strategy. Lowell Herb Co’s signature product, Lowell Smokes is now the leading preroll brand in California.


This organic cannabis company became a well-known brand when its weed flower crowns at Coachella became a viral hit in 2017. As a boho-chic music festival with international notoriety, Coachella is no stranger to hippy-esque flower crowns. Lowell Herb Co. transformed this iconic Coachella fashion accessory into a smokable headpiece coveted by attendees. With a reasonable $55 price tag, each weed flower crown included a combination of strains like Chocolate Hashberry, Single White Girl and Dog Walker.


This must-have festival accessory was a fashion statement heavily touted on social media. The buzz reached national media outlets. Buzzfeed, Vice, Harper’s Bazaar, The Cut raved about the colorful headpiece.  Lowell Herb dubbed its multi-strain headpiece as the Coachella blend which resulted in the company receiving a cease-and-desist letter from the festival. Nonetheless, Lowell Herb Co. seized the moment and was already on a fast-track to success. The weed crown understandably has limited appeal outside of festivals and other special events, but brand recognition was established.

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Today, Lowell Smokes is the company’s top product. This pack of pre-rolled joints is akin to a standard cigarette pack. Its vintage-style packaging adds to the appeal of toting a pack of premium joints around. In fact, numerous celebrities have publicized their preference for Lowell Smokes. This includes Ty Dolla $ign, Calvin Harris, Waka Flocka, Diplo, Usher, Miley Cyrus, Chelsea Handler, and others. The popularity of Lowell Smokes throughout California is undeniable. The pack, which includes 10 pre-rolled joints featuring quality CBD and up to 25 percent THC, is available at more than 300 dispensaries statewide.


As further proof of its marketing genius, Lowell Herb Co. has cornered the market for marijuana sales at special events through its unique canna-bars. Canna-bars have lit up A-list social events like the wedding of singer Miguel to actress and model Nazanin Mandi. Lowell Herb Co. took advantage of this marketing opportunity by creating a custom N/M blend specifically for the event. Musical group Haim included a canna-bar at its Planned Parenthood charity event hosted by Emma Stone, and even Lil Wayne’s 36th birthday party included a Lowell Herb Co. weed bar.


The company’s clever marketing continued with special holiday products. Hanukkah will never be the same after Lowell Herb Co. introduced its tasting flight featuring a different strain for each of the celebrated eight nights. For Valentine’s Day, lovers can celebrate with a cannabis bouquet featuring strains of eucalyptus, wildflower, and others. Rapper, The Game, who is a well-known fan of the company’s strawberry-banana strain, publicized Valentine’s Day blend on Instagram. The bouquet is now offered throughout the year.


The future of Lowell Herb Co. looks bright with the pending introduction of its new Chiefs blunts. In 2020, the company plans to open a high-end consumption lounge in West Hollywood. This lounge will offer numerous Lowell products as well as cannabis-infused foods and drinks.


Lowell Herb Co.’s fast-track to the top spot in the cannabis industry is attributed to more than just uncanny marketing abilities. The company’s focus has been on transforming weed from an illicit substance into a high-end luxury item on par with fine coffees, wines, and chocolates. Its unique vintage branding on its product packaging and its high-quality accessories illustrate this. Its accessories include ceramic match holders, luxury humidors, wooden rolling kits and more.


Lowell Herb Co.’s vintage look is more than a marketing façade. The company’s roots date back to 1909 when its first marijuana farm was founded in San Luis Obispo. Marijuana was decades away from being legalized, so the farm owner was imprisoned. Through perseverance and thanks to California’s passage of the Adult Use of Marijuana Act, Lowell Herb Co. was able to pick up and move forward with its original founding goal of producing high-quality cannabis through natural growing methods.


To ensure the quality of its products as well as to maintain brand reputation, it takes great measures to package its products conscientiously. Lowell Smokes packs, for example, use recycled craft paper and vintage printing equipment. Single joints are sold in quality BPA-free glass tubes rather than in flimsy, environmentally-damaging plastic bags. Lowell Herb Co. initiated pesticide testing before this became a legal requirement, and organic growing practices are used for all of its cannabis products.

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The company has a solid reputation for social awareness that extends beyond its obvious concern for the environment. All agricultural employees are paid a living wage. Furthermore, a billboard standing outside of the L.A. Men’s County Jail has garnered media attention. The billboard message entices recently pardoned individuals to apply for employment with Lowell Herb Co. This social message makes a bold statement about how marijuana arrests from only a year or two before its legalization have had devastating effects on the lives of many.


Lowell Herb Co. offers plenty of reasons to try Lowell Smokes and its other products as well as reasons to be loyal customers. However, perhaps one of the leading reasons for consumer loyalty is the desire to take advantage of the health benefits of quality cannabis.