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Mad Labs, a Top-Tier Cannabis Brand, is Where Science Meets Artistry |

With the cannabis market exploding, so is the number of brands. It can be difficult to distinguish yourself from all the other options available on the cannabis market. But there are quality-minded companies that will do the extra work in production and marketing. That’s what this company, a top-tier brand quickly making a name for itself in the industry, proves. Although the company has been around for less time than some of its rivals, it is already making a splash on the market. The brand is quickly becoming synonymous with high-quality, cutting-edge CBD products, and thanks to that, it’s poised to become a major player in the CBD space.

Visionary engineers lead the brand. They combine science and art to make unique products. This team spent hundreds of hours creating the product and hardware to ensure customers have a pleasant and seamless user experience. Mad Labs begins with vape pen cartridges designed to be visually engaging and fun. Innovative vape technology combined with high-quality components result in these unique designs. These vape pens come in a beautiful and safe packaging made from high-quality Pyrex glasses tanks and ceramic coils. Mad Labs is different. Some companies use plastics that could contaminate the vape juice and lead to health issues.

Mad Labs’ products also have an important feature: they are 100% natural. Mad Labs thinks that customers should not be deprived of value by having beautiful packaging. The team spends hours testing different terpene levels and formulas to obtain a final product that exceeds customers’ expectations. Mad Labs products use high-quality full-spectrum oils that have a distinctive aroma. All Mad Labs products are certified high-THC and Delta 9 Category 3 oils.

Mad Labs offers additive-free products that are safer than most brands. Mad Labs uses a solvent-free, innovative extraction process that reduces oil contamination. Superior quality oils are produced without the use of harmful chemicals. This results in cleaner tasting products than other brands. Mad Labs only uses organically-grown, pesticide free flowers. It has helped to reduce the amount of fertilizer or fungicides used in final products.

This is just the beginning of a rigorous, meticulous manufacturing process. Third-party testing is performed to ensure that the products are pure and safe. This process takes place in independent, reputable laboratories. Customers can view the certificates of analysis (COA) on the company’s website or use the company’s innovative authentication process. Customers can access reports from third-party analysis by scanning two QR codes that are included with all products. One QR code directs the customers to a detailed COA and the other to Mad Labs’ Instagram page, where the brand posts all the results.

Mad Labs is always striving to please its customers with new product lines. Mad Labs recently launched its new disposables in over 15 flavours. They are currently developing new edibles, concentrates and special blends. Mad Labs has also been working to expand its presence in California. Mad Labs aims to be a brand worth billions of dollars, changing the landscape in cannabis.