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Marijuana, Personality, and Risk of Problematic Use


Many people associate drugs with heroin or cocaine. However, the reality is that most people are exposed to all types of drugs daily. Drugs include the caffeine found in coffee and beer as well as painkillers like Tylenol. The way your body responds changes depending on how each one is used.

Cannabis is one such drug that’s enjoying a lot of attention from users and researchers alike these days. Studies show the plant’s potential to help with a wide-variety of problemsFrom chronic pain to depression to even being an alternative to pain medication, it is possible. 

This drug may not be right for everybody. The article discusses cannabis, personality and the potential for problems with some users. This will help you to decide if marijuana is right for your needs. 

Personality traits

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration has found that approximately 10% of cannabis users could develop a disorder. The numbers are higher for users under 18 who smoke cannabis while their brains are still developing.

For some, the benefits of marijuana as part of their treatment come with no side effects other than those associated with the plant’s THC compound. Others may find their personalities conflicting with marijuana and this can lead to many problems. Five personality characteristics are specifically associated with cannabis. 


Higher levels of neuroticism are likely to worry more, be more anxious, and feel more vulnerable. These people may feel more anxious and have trouble sleeping. But these benefits are temporary.

These individuals may be more neurotic if they continue to use marijuana for a long time, which could increase their vulnerability to future problems. If left untreated chronic marijuana use can lead to worsening of symptoms.


A low level of conscientiousness can lead to decreased motivation, persistence and impulsivity. Low self-care can be a red flag signifying a personality characteristic like this. Their lack of motivation can lead to increased cannabis use, and this could impact their self care. 


Low agreeability can cause problems in social relationships as well as at work. These traits can include narcissism (machiavellianism), psychopathy, and even narcissism. Cannabis may improve the mood and reduce the associated traits. However, the effect of THC is only temporary. 

Cannabis can be a way to enhance these characteristics in some people. These relationships can then fall apart and an individual might need to seek out help. employment law attorney San FranciscoThey struggle to work.

Transparency to Gain Experience

While this is a statistically insignificant trait, some cannabis users have found that it can prevent them from experiencing new things. Cannabis makes it more fun to experience new experiences, even those that are familiar. 

Introversion and extrovertroversion

Extroverts will find marijuana a great way to unwind and recharge at home. Some chronic users might find that they don’t go out as much because of the relaxation. The introverts may find that marijuana makes social situations more challenging and less pleasurable. This is a small but important point. 

Let’s get to the bottom

Every person is unique and each individual’s cannabis experience will be different. It is essential to understand your personality and how cannabis can interact with them before you try it. 

Chronic use of marijuana is not advised, as it can cause side effects and make you more sick than usual. Although cannabis has been used to treat many conditions, there are some side effects that can be harmful. Some people may also find alternative medicines or other treatments more effective. Talk to your doctor before you use any substance for treatment.