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Medical Marijuana Law in Alaska

Approved as Ballet Measure #8 in 1998

Took away state-wide criminal penalties for the possession, cultivation, and use of marijuana by medical patients with written permission from licensed physicians prescribing for pain and stress relief.

Medically approved conditions include: glaucoma, cancer, AIDS or HIV, all debilitating and chronic illnesses and the treatment of same when alleviation from supervised use of marijuana derivatives. Also for the relief of sever pain and nausea, cachexia, epileptic seizures and muscle spasms that are characteristic of multiple sclerosis. Any other conditions that meet the approval of the Alaska Dept of Health and Social Services.

Cultivation and Rules of Possession:  Approved patients (and designated primary caregivers) can possess legally no more than a single ounce of medical marijuana. They may also cultivate up to six cannabis plants. Only three of said marijuana plants may be mature enough to have developed blooms and/or buds. All qualifying patients must display a state ID card issued by the Alaska Department of Health and Social Services. The enrollment is protected private data and as amended by Bill #94 in 1999 is now mandatory for all medical patients. Non-participation in the state enrollment program while in possession of marijuana is now considered a misdemeanor offense and those without said ID card can be prosecuted in a state court of law.