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Medical Marijuana Laws for Maine

As Ballot Question #2, the state of Maine passed a medical marijuana law in December of 1999. It removed all state penalties for the cultivation, use, and the possession of medical marijuana by patients who have either an oral or a written documentation from a licensed physician that she or he would benefit from the medicinal use of marijuana or it’s extracts. At this time, there is no state patient registry for those have such oral or written documentation.

The approved diagnosis’ include:

Hepatitis C; ALS; as a sedative for Alzheimer’s disease; nail-patella syndrome; PTSD; glaucoma; cancer; dyskinetic disorder; chronic bowel disease; chronic nausea; cachexia as associated with multiple sclerosis; and any intractable pain that does not respond well to other traditional medical practice and treatment.

There is no patient registry fee; however, the primary caregiver must pay $100.00 annually if he or she is engaged in the cultivation or production of medical marijuana.

Out of state patients may purchase medical marijuana in Maine if they have written permission from a state board-certified physician and a Maine Driver’s License.

A patient may possess up to 2.5 ounces of medical marijuana at any given time, and may cultivate up to five marijuana plants at a time without any penalties or fees.