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Meet The Parent Company’s Social Equity Corporate Venture Josephine & Billie’s

Josephine & Billie’s is celebrating its grand opening as the first social equity investment of The Parent Company by embracing minority brands and creating a retail store that welcomes all demographics.

On October 28, The Parent Company’s first social equity corporate venture fund investment, Josephine & Billie’s, announced it will be opening its doors to the public on Friday, October 29. The brand claims to be the first of its kind, with a unique “speakeasy-style” concept inspired by “tea pads” that were commonly found in Black communities during the 1920s and 1930s. The name is inspired by entertainer Josephine Baker and singer Billie Holiday—two prominent figures in Black history.

Headed by CEO Whitney Beatty and COO Ebony Andersen, this duo’s main goal was to create a welcoming dispensary experience for women of color. “Most stores are designed and built by white people, with one perspective,” Andersen said in a press release. “And women of color rarely get the opportunity to feel comfortable in those spaces. But Josephine & Billie’s was designed and built by, and for, women of color with that in mind.”

Beatty included a comment about how dispensaries must be redesigned to accommodate all kinds of users. “Research shows that women are more anxious than men, and data shows that black women are facing the most anxiety—and yet we have not seen a dispensary focusing on this demographic,” shared Beatty. “Josephine & Billie’s is committed to being an educational space and community where women of color, and allies, feel safe and welcomed to learn about the healing benefits of cannabis.”

Josephine & Billie’s will carry a variety of well-known cannabis products such as Monogram, Cann, Select and Kiva Confections—but with also a focus on people of color-owned, queer-owned and female-owned brands such as Ball Family Farms, Leune and California Rolls, to name a few. What makes this brand stand out isn’t just its goal for inclusivity or its unique theme. Its layout has been broken up into desired terpene profiles, such as “relief” or “focus,” to make it easier for consumers to find products that are best for them.

On June 3, Josephine & Billie’s was announced as The Parent Company’s first social equity corporate venture fund investment. Two weeks later, The Parent Company announced The Peakz Company to be its second social equity investor.

Troy Datcher (CEO Parent Company) echoed his pride in supporting and expanding minority-owned cannabis businesses. 

“The Parent Company is committed to leveraging our financial, social, and cultural capital to create a more inclusive cannabis community,” said Datcher in a press statement. “Josephine & Billie’s unique and necessary mission to develop a welcoming and educational retail experience, particularly for women of color, exemplifies why Whitney and Ebony are the exact types of entrepreneurs that we want to stand up and stand behind with our social equity fund as we focus on shaping this industry’s future and uplifting all communities.”

Josephine & Billie’s is located in Los Angeles, California (located on Martin Luther King Boulevard), and will be hosting its grand opening Teapad event on October 28 from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. 

According to the brand’s website, it welcomes everyone from every walk of life and tries to make it as welcoming as possible. “We love helping women of color learn about cannabis. There are many questions worth asking about THC levels, strain types and terpene profiles. We are the experts in our field. [effect-focused]This is a way to uplift, heal and ease tension. Our M.O. We got you, sis. We’re here to encourage self-care and joy and to educate every woman that walks in the door, giving her a little more than she came in with.”