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REVIEW: STIIIZY Offers a Gummy Nano-Enhanced Triangle for Every Occasion

When it comes to reviewing cannabis for a living, you can only imagine how many times we’ve crossed paths with different products. Back when we first feasted our eyes on STIIIZY’s vape cartridges, their unique design was the first quality that piqued our attention. The unique carts were constructed in a way that was different from other vape cartridges. We weren’t sure how this product would work. Customers would be loyal enough to STIIIZY to trade their old cart batteries for the brand’s newer products. Our question was answered years later: Yes!

The fact that this brand has earned its spot as one of the fastest growing cannabis companies, and that we personally have a STIIIZY vape on-hand at almost any occasion, it’s clear to say our concerns about their completely unique design were never realized. In 2017, this company had already achieved something amazing, and their expansion in product options only further proves that they are on the rise.

This brings us to the relaunch of STIIIZY’s latest high-inducing endeavor—STIIIZY Edibles. To kick off the edibles category right—STIIIZY just introduced its premiere line of Sour Gummy Nano-Enhanced Triangles to the public, which are fast-acting due to having Nanomolecular-Enhanced Live Resin expertly infused into each bite.

Whether you’re looking to go hard, or prefer to keep it mellow and microdosed, STIIIZY has you covered. Every bag contains 90mg THC. You don’t have to go and eat the whole bag at one time, however. You can cut the gummies into 3 large triangles (30mg each) and then break them into smaller, triangular-shaped pieces (three at 10mg).

The technology is what makes these gummies different from other candies. Nanomolecular technology allows these gummies to deliver cannabis into your blood stream at record speeds. This will give you the results that you desire in lightning speed. Edibles have notoriously had a bad rap in the cannabis space, because the effects can often take hours to hit the consumer, leaving a large margin of error for getting “too high.” This leading edible tech makes that a thing of the past.

Two qualities stood out in our evaluation of this assortment of gummy variety: the taste and texture.

Credit to STIIIZY

Blue Raspberry Blast Gummies were our first attempt at an indica product. Anticipating the effects of a good indica edible, we decided to take these after dinner and before our bedtime routine of Netflix and chillin’.

Ripping open the triangle shaped package, the sweet smell of blueberry filled the room, transporting our minds to day trips to the local farm where we’d pick fresh berries by the basket-load. According to the directions, we started by eating one-third a 30-mg piece. It was like ingesting a fresh-picked blueberry in your mouth.

Within 15 to 20 minutes, we already felt the buzzing effects starting in our limbs and warmly wrapping our minds and body in a relaxing state, much like being snuggled in a cozy blanket next to the fireplace on a winter’s night.

We binge-watched for an hour shortly after we had finished the 10mg triangular. Squid Game Our bodies became heavy and relaxed (for the second time), prompting us set the television’s sleep timer for 30 minutes. Blueberry gummies were great for getting us to sleep. They also provided deep and painless sleep throughout the night without any head fog.

After such a positive experience with the indica gummies, we didn’t waste any time in trying the next flavor the following morning, which was Caribbean Breeze, a sativa variety. Just looking at the package can give consumers an indication of what flavor is possible. This package was packed with flavour, including pineapple, green apples and citrus fruits as well as yellow juice.

The scent of these wasn’t as overpowering as the Blueberry, but the flavor was again spot on. The pineapple was a strong flavor. With the sweet, sugary gummy coating providing the perfect texture to complement the exotic taste sensations, the Pineapple was a clear winner. It was going to be an active Saturday, with chores being done at home as well as some projects outside in the garden. Let’s just say that we opted for a bigger dose, since our experience with just one, 10mg triangle proved to be manageable and positive our first go-round.

After eating two squares and going in the backyard to harvest fruit from our lemon trees, it wasn’t long before the uplifting psychoactive effects kicked in. It was like a routine task, chores in the yard suddenly became fun. The sun was shining brighter, our minds were wandering, the music we were playing sounded better… overall, it was an intense and uplifting experience. While productivity wasn’t necessarily affected, we did find ourselves switching from one task to another, quickly forgetting what we were doing momentarily, truly enjoying the day.

We were able, throughout the day, to eat one triangle per hour. This allowed us to continue the good effects without having to interrupt our hectic day.

The last gummy we tried was the STIIIZY’s Sour Apple Hybrid gummy. We were a little nervous because typically with sour flavors, we’re a little bit sensitive. Although the taste was quite strong, it wasn’t overwhelming. The sugary sweetness made the experience much more manageable. Similar to other gummies the effects begin quickly. Within 20 minutes we felt our first symptoms, while the body-high took about 45 minutes. We started with just one gummy and decided to try the second around 90 minutes later. The effects were powerful but very satisfying.

After a weekend of long weekends, we felt a bit stressed. We also anticipated a hectic work week ahead. The combination was great for easing stress and anxiety. The combination allowed us to enjoy a bike ride in the area, then a quick trip to the supermarket (which could well have been motivated from a bout of munchies). We found ourselves browsing the aisles in a carefree state, picking up essentials for the week, as well as some spontaneous snacks that we couldn’t resist.

All in all, all three edible varieties delivered on our expectations, giving us varied and enjoyable experiences that didn’t put a damper in whatever activities we had set out to accomplish. From the tasty flavors to the fast-acting properties, these were hands-down some of our favorite edibles we’ve tried to date. There’s nothing like consistency and a fast onset of effects to keep our faith in edibles, and STIIIZY delivers on all that and more.