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Snapshot of U.K. Cannabis Market: 20% of Adults Have Used CBD

The global cannabis industry has one thing in common. There are glimpses of light ahead of you just when it seems like the light isn’t there. The British CBD market has shown this to be true.

This is the latest news. A survey by the Association for the Cannabinoid Industry – ACI found that 58% of British adults tried CBD flowers or oils, and 55% of those surveyed believe CBD is good for their health.

Other than this data, other information gleaned from respondents to the survey was informative and a clear indication of the British CBD business’s entry into an entirely new market. It is not surprising, considering current market dynamics, that 38% of respondents also said they bought their products online.

However, this is far from the only interesting development of late in the UK—and both this and a few other developments are in part the strategic work of the ACI.

This market snapshot is only one aspect of what the group does. They have been gathering senior politicians and recently requested a report urging the government take more leadership in reform to make sure the British industrial sector becomes a global leader.

The U.K. Cannabis market is so interesting

The other end of the Brexit divide is that the British have theoretically more regulatory freedom than their neighbours across the Channel to explore new avenues for cannabis reform more rapidly. There are several ways this is true—and even better, potential for fast reform exists on both the medical and recreational side. It was evident in the recent weeks when the British Parliamentary Committee suggested that Novel Food regulations be completely scrapped. At the same time, their European counterparts delayed 19 more pending applications.

The actual product aspect, other than the talk about eliminating one specific, complicated regulation, has been an exciting spring. The U.K., alone in Europe, has begun to formalize its CBD market—and further in a way unseen across the region (except perhaps in Switzerland right now, also outside of the E.U.).

This is the biggest. For example, CBD products can now be promoted in ways that are not possible in Germany. Because CBD is still covered by the German Narcotic Law, this makes it possible to advertise CBD products in a way that’s not possible before. It’s difficult to set stakes, although the landscape is changing, even if it’s on legally treacherous ground. Online sales are also being discussed in an undefined and often dangerous manner in countries around the world.

It is evident that the Brits, at least in certain parts, are making strides in reform efforts across the Atlantic. These are true, even though there are many complications.

The Reform Conversation Moves Forward with CBD Markets

Since 2018, there has been a constant strategic discussion in the U.K. about how to best move forward the topic of final and full reform. Some have suggested that a “CBD strategy” was one way to do that—namely jettison anything out of the political push for immediate change with a THC percentage higher than 0.03% (if not zero in the extract and food discussion). This was combined with medical users that could be relied upon to advocate for CBD legalization and THC legalization was the best approach to moving the needle.

However, it is not clear if this will happen. Due to the exclusive focus on a segment of the severely ill, which is privately covered, the British medical market has stagnated. Directly, however, you can find thousands of legal German patients, even though it isn’t perfect and not nearly as good as what it ought to be.

There are increasing demands from influential sections of the country. These include police chiefs, mayor of London and patient and industry associations, who are politically well connected and well-heeled.

It is evident that legalization of cannabis in the U.K. is underway in new ways, regardless of which sector ends up pushing for full reform. Even though there are many obstacles ahead of it, the U.K. is on the right track to widespread acceptance. The majority will also have the option to access cannabis in one form or another.