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STIIIZY’s Mouthwatering Arsenal of Solventless and Curated Live Resin Offerings

Opening STIIIZY’s small boxes containing one-gram, black, glass dab jars full of sticky concentrates filled us with glee—like opening tiny holiday gifts. The scents of pine and tropical were in different levels, making the hair rise up at times. As each concentration seemed to perform better than the one before, it was almost like Willy Wonka.

STIIIZY’s Curated Live Resin captures the true essence of cannabis in extract form. The whole plant is harvested then immediately flash-frozen—which preserves the full spectrum of cannabinoids, boosting flavor. The unique method maximizes the potency, taste and consistency. There are many Curated Live Resin varieties to choose from, as you will see in the web site.

On the other hand, STIIIZY’s Live Rosin Jam is cured for a perfect amount of time under the right temperatures—thus ensuring consistent quality while maintaining the terps. To make rosin badder, combine water, flowers, and ice. The trichomes are then allowed to dissolve.

The trichomes can be immediately frozen after being removed. After that, the trichomes are immediately frozen and dried. They then undergo a sieve and sifting process in cold conditions, which preserves their quality and flavor. For those who don’t want to use BHO, this is the best route.

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If you’ve never tried STIIIZY products, you missed the boat long ago, but it’s not too late to jump aboard. STIIIZY, a 2017 vape company with a proprietary vape pen dual-chamber pod system was initially founded. However, STIIIZY knew that it had to protect the delicate terpene profiles for each stain. That’s why the team always set out to be wary of hype. STIIIZY is aware that quality concentrate depends on high-quality flower. Therefore, the team carefully selects the strains for their use. 

STIIIZY products, usually offered curbside, provide the quality you’re looking for. They can be found in concentrates at dispensaries, or chronic news stores. STIIIZY expanded beyond its portable, discreet system to offer STIIIZY Extracts. STIIIZY Flower and STIIIZY Edibles are also available. Chronic Newshe has tested four new STIIIZY potent drops.

STIIIZY Platinum Blueberry – Solventless Live Rosin Jam

This solventless jam can be whipped up in a single hit to the rig. The famed Blueberry is made from an Afghani find—a single generation removed from Afghanistan–plus two Thai females, Highland Thai (Juicy Fruit) and Purple Thai. The result was a Blueberry scent and flavor that is undisputed.

Multiple growers awarded the strain wins at both 2002 Chronic News Cannabis Cups. This concentrate sort of resembles thickened apple sauce that’s beginning to separate. My interest was piqued by the piney, but sweet aroma. STIIIZY Platinum Blueberry – Solventless Live Rosin Jam It gave off a strong pine aroma that quickly became dominant with blueberry-fruity sweetness. We were able to relax and long for the warmth of a fireplace.

STIIIZY Grape Pie – Live Solventless Rosin Badder

We are ready for the second round. This one was a softened beeswax with a light pine scent that lures the dabber to let down their guard and take some dabs. Grape Pie (Grape Stomper + Cherry Pie) STIIIZY Grape Pie – Live Solventless Rosin Badder This is a strong indica-dominant hitter.

Don’t plan on getting any studying or cramming done under its spell. The initial taste was piney, with a quick transition to grape-like flavor on the inhale. Its long-lasting high put us in a relaxed state, but we didn’t immediately doze off. Grape Pie is not a quick-fix, so plan your day. It’s a persistent high that stretches about four to five hours is worth noting, which could get in the way of busy bees and workaholics. A little bit will suffice.

STIIIZY Grape Gelato – Curated Live Resin Diamonds 

We were starting to feel the heat from the torch and began to pay attention to where we were. Approach this concentrate with caution—as it will surely warp your tolerance level and is not for the faint of heart. This terp-drenched sauce seems to give these super-potent wet diamants even more flavor.

STIIZY Grape Gelato – Curated Live Resin Diamonds It is an exquisite feast for the taste buds. This wine has it all: sweet, earthy flavors, rich, berry flavours, and sweet diesel kick. The best choice of all four is this one for those looking to experience exquisite flavour and place that preference above any other attributes. This offering is for sauce lovers.

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STIIIZY Banana Mac – Curated Live Resin 

This live resin had slightly fewer aromatic terps than some of the other finds, but no matter—it hit hard regardless. STIIIZY Banana Mac – Curated Live Resin Creative people are blessed with the gift of creativity.. We were almost in the coma, but we got out of it and found ourselves in an amazing land full of creativity.

We were able to create, sketch and jot down our ideas before music became a way for us all to express ourselves. You will find strains that can really stimulate creativity, travellers. Banana Mac – Curated Live Resin maintains solid reviews online based on its potency. Don’t forget to include Banana Mac on your wish list.