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The Fix on Roku Debunks the Lies Perpetuated by the War on Drugs

Harsher sentencing on drugs leads to record numbers of incarceration, yet data shows that the current system has no impact on addiction—nor the reduction of illicit drugs that are available.

“There has to be a better way,” a new series on Roku wonders. 

Roku Original, a brand new original from Roku Channel, will be launched by The Roku Channel Fix itOn Friday, January 21, at 11:59 p.m. The eight-part series, which is based upon the novel by Samuel L. Jackson, stars Samuel L. Jackson as the actor. New York Times bestselling book Chasing the Scream: In the First and Last Days Of The War on DrugsJohann Hari wrote the book. As his second-best seller, the book was translated in 15 languages. Hari was an executive producer on the project. 

If Hari’s name sounds familiar—his popular TED Talk “Everything You Know About Addiction is Wrong” might ring a bell. Why is it—that most people who are given powerful opioids out of surgery don’t turn into junkies? How can this be? ReallyIs addiction a problem? What is the root cause of addiction?

Hari, who received his degree from Cambridge, believes that locking people up inside prisons does not solve their addiction at its root. Jeremiah Zagar directed the series, as well as Nathan Caswell and Cassidy Gearhart. The series was produced by Story Syndicate, Jeff Hays Films, Public Record and Story Syndicate. Hari was also an executive producer, as were Jeremiah Zagar and Jeremy Yaches. Jon Bardin. Liz Garbus. GeralynWhite Dreyfous.

“What if the script we know so well hasn’t actually kept us safe?” Jackson proposes in the trailer.

“Almost everything that we, as society, think we know about drugs is false,” Fix itIn a statement, Director Jeremiah Zagar stated. “The United States has fought the war on drugs for decades, but the painful consequences of addiction continue to rampantly impact our communities. Roku Original Fix it This presentation tackles the topic head-on by dispelling common myths and showing alternative ways to deal with addiction. The audience will leave with a positive impression. Fix it with a clearer understanding of how we can combat this complex crisis.”

The War on Drugs hasn’t made us any safer, the series argues. “The murder rate has actually gone up,” since the War on Drugs began, one commenter says during the trailer.

We’ve known the War on Drugs was a failure in solving the problem of addiction for over 10 years. “Arresting and incarcerating tens of millions of these people in recent decades has filled prisons and destroyed lives and families without reducing the availability of illicit drugs or the power of criminal organizations,” the Global Commission on Drug Policy 2011 report concludes. People are well aware that the U.S.’s drug policy has a significant influence on global policies through the UN Commission on Narcotic Drugs.

The team at Roku hopes to become part of the conversation as the U.S. slowly takes a look at drug reform—notably seen in cannabis reform legislation.

Roku Head of Alternative Originals, Brian Tannenbaum. “We strive to deliver bold storytelling that both entertains and informs our audience,” Tannenbaum said. “Roku Original docuseries like Fix it We will do this by showing viewers the real world and revealing new information about important cultural subjects. Look forward to sharing the fascinating stories. Fix it to audiences this January.”

Many families have drug-addict family members and believe that sending them in jail will make them clean. Not necessarily. According to the Marshall Project, overdoses are a major problem in U.S. prisons. That’s right—they still have access to drugs once they get in. So, it begs the question—what exactly is the point of locking up drug addicts?

Also check out Hari’s book Stolen Focus, which critics deemed “dangerous.”