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Vegan Diets for Dogs Backed Up With CBD

The world seems to be waking up and moving towards a more plant based approach with diets and supplements.  This movement also includes pet food, where currently the industry uses over six billion animals per year for their products, which is extremely unsustainable for our planet.  The carbon footprint created by rearing these animals is out of control, creating a damaging affect on our environment. Currently, the pet food industry has a nefarious impact on our planet, responsible for 25% of the environmental problems connected to the production meat, where it uses a large amount of resources, water, land, dirty fossil fuels and nasty pesticides.  Furthermore, it is adding cheap processed meat to our pet’s diets, increasing health conditions like diabetes and heart disease.

Many pet owners, especially dogs, are now looking for alternative foods to help keep their beloved ones in top shape.  It is vital to keep in mind that your dog gets all the key nutrients to stay active and healthy. Getting the balance right can be tricky at first and many people opt to make their own foods, using fresh ingredients.  This is one of the main advantages as you get to see first hand what goes into your dog’s food routine. Cheap supermarket brought food often contains nasty ingredients, such as, skin, bone and other body parts. The industry has lower standards and use unwell animals for their recipes, stuff that humans would never go near.  it is not surprising that these pet food companies are contributing to the rise of cancer in dogs.

Adding CBD oil to your homemade dog food recipes is a great idea and has anti-inflammatory properties, helping with a wide range of health conditions.  The organic oil made from whole-plant hemp extract promotes strong bone growth and protects against cancers and tumours. A small 50mg dose will keep your dog in great health and give them the best chance in fighting disease.  Furthermore, it helps to calm down nervous and anxious dogs and can improve their sleeping routines.

Dogs need a mix of protein, carbohydrates, fresh vegetables, healthy fats and nutrients.  The fats are vital to help them absorb beneficial enzymes, giving them the best chance against many health conditions.  A good guide to making your own food is to add roughly 40% carbs, 30% protein, with the rest being made up of vegetables and oils.  Vegan dogs need to have taurine and vitamin b12 added to their food, these supplements can be found at most health food stores.