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What Is Next for Malta, the First EU Country To Legalize Cannabis?

After Malta was granted federal cannabis legalization in Malta three months ago, Medcann World Forum shines a spotlight back on Malta, the EU’s first nation to do so. It also highlights the positive business environment and Malta’s medical cannabis laws.

Taking place from April 5-8, 2022 the event will recognize and advance plant medicine’s potential to change society’s approach to mental and physical health.

Businesses and government offices in local areas are now able to access international regulators and business leaders who specialize in medical marijuana and other psychedelics.

Multifaceted events will center on six core pillars: regulatory, medical, law, business and educational.

The event will bring together some of the most distinguished industry experts and will be chaired by Materia’s Founder, Deepak Anand. The following guest speakers are expected to speak:

Kurt Farrugia CEO, Malta EnterpriseWho will provide an introduction to Malta’s government and institutions?

Sita Schubert is the founder and general secretary of EUMCA. Schubert will explain the EUMCA progress and future plans.

Tristan Gervais Head, Chrystal Capital Advisory. Tristan will investigate the European, and international markets for cannabis.

Cannabis R&D Panel

Orna Dazen, Vice Chair of Nextage Therapeutics, will host this fascinating panel. Dr. Dreazen is also the founder and CEO of Nextage’s parent company, Nextar Chempharma. Dr. Dreazen’s credentials include a Ph.D in Biochemistry gained from the Weizmann Institute of Science and postdoctoral studies at the University of California in Los Angeles. Dr. Dreazen can be considered a leading figure in the field biochemistry.

Tuesday, April 5

  • Malta – Why Malta? Our island has many incentives and programs that can be used to bring foreign investors to it. The purpose of this session is to inform attendees about the country’s amazing features and all that it offers.
  • European Legislation – What is cannabis and what are countries’ obligations to control it? What does the opposition say about cannabis? Panelists examine how the opposition to cannabis is linked and different from the contents of laws and guidelines. How have changes to the law affected cannabis usage and what is the public’s support for legal reform?
  • Germany Entry – Who’s who and what are the barriers to entry?
  • Raising and Investing Finance – What do investors look for when analyzing cannabis investment opportunities?

Wednesday, April 6

  • Regulation – How are the current regulatory regimes for medical cannabis, capital raising, and investment options for enterprises and investors operating in this sector?
  • R&D – What innovative cannabinoid research projects across several species are generating the evidence needed to improve healthcare?
  • Healthcare – Evaluation and development of novel cannabinoid therapies and latest clinical outcomes-based research and the use of Real World Evidence (RWE) in cannabinoid drug development.
  • Cannabis Analysis – Latest technological advances in Cannabis testing and analysis.
  • Education – How to remove the lack of education among healthcare professionals?

Through a mix of case-studies, panels, Q&A sessions, and exhibitions, attendees will gain a diverse and inspiring perspective of the latest advances from the medical cannabis and psychedelics industries. The day will feature expert guest speakers who will explore complex topics that can be emotive.

The local authorities fully support this sector and would like to open up into more segments, such as R&D and make Malta a centre of excellence in this regard.

At this prestigious event, attendees will celebrate this historic moment for Malta and what it means for the country’s economy and growth. Malta was the first EU country legalizing cannabis. However, other countries and cities such as Amsterdam, Canada, the USA and others preceded it (in certain states).