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Amendment 3 Passes in Missouri, Legalizing Cannabis

Amendment 3 was approved by the Show Me State to allow recreational cannabis legalization on November 8. Now, the Missouri Constitution will allow cannabis possession, consumption and delivery. It also allows any person convicted of non-violent cannabis crimes or offenses to be released from prison or have their records expunged.

A 6% cannabis tax will be implemented in the amendment. This will help fund veterans healthcare and drug treatment. The local governments could levy sales taxes as high as 3%.

Legal MO 2022 led the campaign for legalization. They raised $5.6million to make Missouri legal. Projections show that cannabis sales revenues could rise to as high as $40.8 million annually, and local governments will see at most $13.8 million.

The state allows residents to have up six cannabis-flowering plants as well as six non-flowering ones. They can also own six clones that are less than 14 inches in height, as long as the cultivator is registered with them. You can have plants as long as you keep them in your home or locked room. If it’s found in public view, growers can receive up to a $250 fee, and the confiscation of their plants.