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North Dakota Rejects Bill To Legalize Adult-Use Cannabis

Tuesday’s votes rejected Statutory measure 2, which would have established a new section in the North Dakota Century Code that legalized the cultivation, processing and sale of marijuana. The measure would also have legalized possession and the use of different forms of cannabis for anyone aged 21 or older.

North Dakota voters had only 2 voter-approved initiatives. Statutory Measure 1 was the other bill that would have set term limits for legislators and governors. 

It also asked the state’s health department to set up regulations in the industry by October 1, 2023. They would limit the number cultivation plants at seven and allow for no more retail dispensaries than 18. Other details like taxation would be left to the state’s Legislature.

The bill would allow adults aged 21 or older to possess and purchase up to an ounce of marijuana, up to four grams of concentrated cannabis and up to three flowers from their own home.

Only seven cultivation facilities were allowed and only 18 retailers would be permitted by the bill. 

Nearly 60% of North Dakota voters rejected a 2018 adult-use marijuana legalization bill.

It was heavily inspired by language from House Bill 1420, a North Dakota House of Representatives legislative cannabis proposal. This bill was adopted in 2021.

New Approach ND submitted enough signatures last July to be eligible for legalization. Secretary Al Jaeger then certified the initiative.

North Dakota voted no to legalization during the 2018 midterm election. The legislation suffered the same fate.