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Cannabis Documentary Lady Buds Explores Female Business Owners in New Release

Un nouveau film about cannabis called Lady BudsThis weekend’s release of “The Life and Challenges of Female Business Owners” is called “The Weekend with the Women”.

Narrow documentaries are a great way for the cannabis industry to benefit. These films include WEED (2013), featuring CNN’s Chief Medical Correspondent Sanjay Gupta, who opened up the conversation about medical cannabis to the nation. The People Need to Be Weeded(2018) examines the efficacy of medical marijuana for children. Greener Grass2019: The history of music, and the depiction thereof of the War on Drugs.

Now it’s time to enjoy a new cinematic adventure in the form of Lady Buds—a unique perspective about female cannabis business owners from all walks of life.

Lady BudsThis book focuses on the life and business of seven women who represent six cannabis businesses in Northern California. The featured article features seven women who work for six different cannabis companies. Lady BudsSue Taylor, Felicia Castrojal, Felicia Carbajal and Chiah Rodriques were joined by Karyn Wagner, Karyn Wagner, and the Bud Sisters (Pearl Moon, Dr. Joyce Centofanti). These women faced many challenges in the 2017-2019 period, including cultivation, dispensary ownership, and topical creation. Lady Buds presents an intimate look at the lives of each subject, but also challenges the stereotypes both of “stoners” in general, as well as those of women in the industry.

This exclusive clip features Karyn Wagner, who recounts a story about the difficulties her company faced shortly after California legalization went live. Take a look at this sneak peek.

Chronic NewsInterview with Chris J. Russo, Director, Producer and Writer in The Chronic News’ November Issue, aka the Women’s Issue, where she offered an inside look at her film and what kind of experience it presents to audiences. Russo says Lady Buds is the first of its kind—and it all began with a statistic about women in the industry that stuck with her. A number of studies led to some surprising data on the status and performance of women working in the sector.

A study by in 2015 found that the average age of a person was 58. Marijuana Business Daily (MBD)In 2017, 36 percent of executive positions in the sector were held by women. In 2017, the percentage had dropped to 26.9 percent and then rose back to 36.7 percent in 2019. MBD’s 2021 report entitled “Women & Minorities in the Cannabis Industry” shows a continued decline both in women, as well as people of color.

Lady BudsThe film not only highlights the struggles of women working in cannabis, but it also illuminates how small companies are competing with bigger cannabis firms. “This film is kind of nothing like you’ve ever seen before because there hasn’t ever really been a film that’s showed such a wide range of areas that’s just like seeing it through a female lens,” Russo told Chronic News. “In my film, you explore the challenges of the entire supply chain with the women who are directly engaged in it. I like to make films that I want to see, so I want see more women in the positions of power in roles that are very positive.”

These live theatre events are available to anyone who lives near Los Angeles and San Francisco.

November 26-27, Glendale Laemmle Theatre 207 N. Maryland Ave. Glendale, CA 9121206

November 29th: Roxie Theater 3117 16th St. San Francisco CA 94103

This film will debut in theaters starting November 26th. The movie will also become available online via video on demand such as iTunes.